Good evening, and I'm back again today. It's been a lovely afternoon, so after having a little late lunch we decided to take a ride 'out in the country'. Our area is really very pretty, still have plenty of rural areas where it is possible to see green fields, fields that are getting plowed up for spring planting, blooming Bradford Pear trees & lots of other species that I don't know what they are. It was just a pleasant afternoon to ride around. After we got home I walked out on our back deck & snapped a couple shots of what is going on around my house. I've mentioned the snowy tree that I see outside my window as I'm typing up the blog, so thought you might enjoy seeing it. Our neighbor is elderly, and there's a lot of 'stuff' in his yard, right next to ours, and he doesn't take the care that he needs to. I hate to complain about it, as I know he's elderly. (well, we are too, and have enough of a time tending our own!). So here goes:

This was taken about 5:30 pm, and the western evening sun is shining through the tree branches. Lovely to see, not as pretty as it looks in the morning hours though...the sky is no longer that intense blue we refer to as Carolina Blue.

This is our flowering cherry tree. It has a tendency to sprout straight-up growth at the top, rather than droop like a weeping willow as it is supposed to do. So occasionally the top has to be trimmed back - which we did in the fall. Now it needs to fill out. You can see that our grass is still brown (except for the weeds!). By the end of April - early May, it will begin to green up.

This view is from the deck, looking down at the pull-out of our driveway, you can still see the flowering cherry tree. As you can see, our creeping phlox is starting to pink up. In this area, we call this plant thrift. There is a brick retaining wall, and this plant is atop the wall, sort of softens the harsh edge of the brick. When it's all a-bloom, it's quite pretty..easy care too! Doesn't have a long blooming season though. Will die back once it gets towards the end of April

An Easter lily of some variety, that DH gave me for Easter. It has the most lovely smell. Needs to be repotted though, once it quits blooming. For the moment, it's on our back screened porch, and if we know another real cold night is on the way, we need to bring it back inside!

Hope you enjoyed your little trip around my yard. Happy evening, whatever you may be doing. Thanks for dropping in to visit again today. Hugs


  1. Hi Mary,

    Lovely photos! I can't wait for gardening to start here.

    No movement on the condo. I checked my ad today and I've had over 400 views. Still hoping for the best!


  2. Yard?! You say. That's a country mansion! Your flowering Cherry is lovely. Makes my garden look like a postage stamp. Hugs Mrs a.

  3. what a stunning beauty of God creation Mary and thanks for sharing.
    .... my yard, you could say same too sometimes :D Shaz in oz.x

  4. Hello Mary, Thank you so much for your lovely comments over at Words and Pictures - so much appreciated. And thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden - that blossoming tree is just wonderful. I'm so looking forward to spring...
    Alison x

  5. You have a beautiful property and you are lucky to see blooms! I'm STILL looking at snow outside, it should be gone within a week (we hope). Shirleyx

  6. Oh Mary those pics are just beautiful of the plants and trees! I am in love with your pink Easter lily!! I've never seen one that color before!! It was so fun touring around your yard my friend! Now I will know exactly what you are talking about when you tell us about the beautiful sites from your deck! Hugs!