Good evening Friends, and thanks for hanging in there with me while I've been goofing off! After we got the sick pc home, hooked back up, DD flew up for a few days. Needless to say, visiting with her got a higher priority than anything else around here! <g>. We had fun, did some shopping - going out to eat, just having some good family time.

Today I had a super great class getting my Intermediate Copic Certification. Wonderful teacher, Cindy Lawrence (here).  Learned some different & more complex ways to shade, assess light sourcing, and a bit of  'color theory'. It was held locally -for me anyway- so no hotel bills. It was totally worth the cost of the class, and I left feeling as though I had learned a good bit that I hope will enhance my copic skills. It had been a while since I had the Standard Certification class, so some of the techniques being taught now, were different from the way I had learned.

Hopefully I will be able to get back on track with making some cards - sigh - as we'll be going away beginning next Sunday. First a family reunion on my Dad's side of the family, being held at his Home Place (Southern speak for where your family roots are - and actually where he was born at home) - about 2 hrs away from our area. Then we're planning to leave the reunion,  head to Washington, DC to meet our best friend, and see some of the sights in Washington. Primarily the Smithsonian. We've been several times in the past, but it was always a 'time limited' visit. This time we have 4 days, so I will be perfectly happy to visit a different section of the museum each day. As DH says, I have to stop and read every word on every sign at an exhibit, so I don't get through a museum as fast as most people do. <g>. So I gotta get at least a couple cards finished to post. Don't give up on me....I'll eventually get back in the groove.

Until then, have a Blessed Sunday, and enjoy whatever it is that you might have planned. Come again to visit & we'll 'sit & chat a spell'. Now that I have my Fav Bookmarks back, I can get back to visiting you as well. As always, thanks for stopping in tonight , and many hugs.


  1. Well done Mary on getting your certificate, look forward to seeing what you create. Hope you have a great reunion and have a lovely time with your friend. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Congratulations on your certification. Well done.
    Enjoy the reunion, and also the Smithsonian.
    Washington DC is definitely on my bucket list.

  3. Sounds like a great course. congratulations on your certificate. Sorry I haven't been over in a while. real life caught up with me too, what with my dad having his hip replacement and then getting awful pressure sores from the surgical stockings, and an inspection at work. Enjoy the Smithsonian and visiting your friends and relatives.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time with DD, and congratulations on getting certified, Mary! Have a super time on the upcoming travels!! We will see you when you get back!!

  5. Oh Mary so glad you got some coloring classes in! Now I need to find a place to get a teacher to teach me! lol I'm so glad that you guys got to spend quality time with your daughter, family is always priority! Have fun at your reunion and on your tip!! You have some exciting thing going on my friend! Hugs!!

  6. Nothing like family time, and I hope you have a fabulous trip to DC (I was born in VA, and I miss visiting there). Be sure to take lots of photos.


  7. Iam so glad to hear that you had a great visit with your daughter. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your holiday. If I dont visit again before you leave have a great trip and safe travels.

  8. Enjoy your trip and time spent in the museum. We are just the same when we visit historic houses/gardens,museums etc. we always need twice as long as every one else does. You spend good money so why not get your monies worth!! Hugs Mrs a.

  9. Great to have that precious time with your daughter! What great family times you must have had.

    Congratulations on your Intermediate Copic Certification! Wish i lived nearby...I would so take courses from you! I need to learn to shade and figure out light source...I am hopeless at those things.

    Your trip sounds like lots of fun. I think the Smithsonian would be so interesting...I like reading the "blurbs" as DH calls them. So many interesting tidbits to learn!

    I love that you shared the bit about the Home Place...great way for us to learn about each other and our "ways"!