Good evening Fellow Bloggers. Between sick computers, messed up cookies, re-learning to find things on XP, trying to find camera software to load onto XP & Laptop, I have been MIA. Not doing any cards either. (But THINKING about doing some!Does that count? It's called planning). I did get out on one of our very pretty days and take some pictures. Mainly to make sure I had something in the camera to download, once I found the software cd, got it loaded, remembered how to work it! My Win7 pc has a card reader ?port?, so for several years all I do is pop out the tiny disk from the camera, slide into the card reader, and Wham, there are the pictures to import. I had to do some relarnin'. And folks, lemme tell you, it warn't easy! So here's the pictures of some things bloomin' around our yard.

The purple Iris is/?are? a clump of very old bulbs that came from my aunt's yard in another state. The original bulbs were likely planted sometime in the mid-50's, when she moved into her house. I got these when a relative dug up a large clump about 10 yrs ago, just before my aunt passed away. These are the most blooms we've had to date.

The lilac bush is another oldie. It was growing on the property next door to us. The house was being remodeled, and an old rusty, derelict tin shed was to be torn down ( was an eyesore!). I asked the workmen if I could have the bush, and they said "Oh Yeah". So after dragging the protesting DH out, the little bush got dug up, and replanted on our side of the property. Everyone told me it would probably die. We figured it would too, as neither of us are known for having green thumbs. My local family plant experts told me to trim it back one half, and leave it alone over the winter. Well, I only did 1/3 and the first spring, it had a couple of blooms. I pruned it back some more during the summer & fall, and the next year, we had lilac blooms. It doesn't have a long blooming period, and the fragrance is lovely. However, you have to poke your nose up close to the blossoms to really smell the scent. It doesn't perfume the surrounding air as those up in the New England states do. And if I cut some blossoms to bring inside, that doesn't work well either. They seem to lose the scent if I cut them. But when I'm at my kitchen sink, I look out the window and enjoy the pretty lilac. No telling how old the plant is.

The little Japanese maple was a cutting from seeds that sprang up from my brother's tree down the street. It was a tiny scrawny sapling when planted 10 yrs ago. It's got beautiful reddish black leaves and at least we haven't killed it!

The pink flowers on the retaining walls by our driveway are called "Thrift" by us locals, but I think the proper term is creeping phlox. When it is really at peak, it cascades over those walls, and smells divine. In the 2nd picture you can see an overturned pot that will get 'something' planted in it later...if I get industrious. There is an old rusty wheelbarrow sitting in the corner that hopefully will get some pots of something bright planted too.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour around our yard! Hope to have a card ready to post soon.

Just got an email from my pc guru, and my Win7 is ready for pickup. Maybe it will be back at home tomorrow evening! Thanks for visiting tonight, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.


  1. Wow Mary...everything is really in bloom at your place! My iris are much later to the story of yours!!!
    I think the beauty of a garden is so many times more than just the beauty of the plants. Often there are wonderful stories like yours about the history of the plants.
    For years I had my Grandmothers astilbe and primroses...I transplanted them every time I moved but finally lost them in a hard winter:(

    I loved hearing that your gorgeous maple tree grew from a seedling of your brothers!

  2. Fab photos Mary - love your lilac story, bless you.

    Back to the PC, did you know you can get USB connectors (which look just like a USB stick) with a slot in the side for you to pop your SD card? It acts a bit like an adapter. Hope this makes sense - I got one for a previous laptop when the SD card slot spring stopped working and it was brilliant. eventually the laptop died totally but it was a great workaround.

    Hugs, Di xxx (and the sun is finally shining here in the UK - wahoo!!)

  3. Will you please stop calling your gorgeous garden a yard!! We pay good money to visit gardens in England that only look half as good. Super flag iris. My favourite colour too. The yellow Iris is pretty but my money goes on the purple.
    Looked for the slot on my iPad to pop the entrance fee through but couldn't find one!!!! As Di says spring has finally sprung in our neck of the woods. Hugs Mrs a.

  4. Wonderful photos Mary! Love the Japanese maple, lost mine last year but yours is stunning. Sorry, I have been missing too..... Hugs, Anne x

  5. Beautiful scenery Mary, I'm jealous! Our grass just turned green this week and the crocus finally came out and today it's snowing and it seems like February... it's cold! Two days ago it was warm, such a strange Spring this year. Enjoy! Shirleyx

  6. Fabulous photos there Mary. Lovely that your flowers are living on.

  7. Beautiful Mary, just beautiful! I love your Iris's, I didn't even know there was a dwarf Magnolia tree, I wish that lilac tree was in my yard (lol) The purple plum tree is so pretty! Love the creeping phlox is gorgeous, love that wall too! You have a beautiful space/yard my friend. I am loving your deck/patio area, I would live out there!! I put my camera card into my computer too to download my pics Mary. I've never did the software thing and wouldn't know how to do it. lol So I'm sure it is a lot of learning-relearning. And yes, it counts that you are thinking about doing cards!!! Hugs my friend!

  8. Your plants are so gorgeous. I love plants and flowers, but nothing I plant lives :-(
    I love the irises, we had them where I grew up and I have loved them since.

  9. Mary your yard is lovely! I love the iris's. I never had any luck with the ones I had planted but my husband thinks it was because when we first bought this house the flowers beds had a lot of clay in them. The past few years we have added alot of dirt so I may try again. Hope the sun keeps shining for you!

    planning is great too :)

  10. These photos are fabulous, and I would have to say this is a form of art as well, and so this does count.


  11. Mary,
    I came by to say thank you for stopping by and following my blog. Thanks for your sweet comments.
    I do understand about being MIA on the blog and relearning all the gadgets and electronic stuff...uggg!!.
    LIFE must come first or heaven knows, there's nothing to blog about, no inspiration for our creative side.
    Love your yard and so glad you have been able to take advantage of the beautiful days. It's amazing what nature can provide even when we barely do anything to contribute to the plants growth. (I am not the best in the yard but have had a few successes)
    So, Kudos to you and the progress of your journey in your yard. Love the Irises and your Lilac bush is marvelous. Thanks for sharing your progression and beautiful yard.
    Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.

  12. hi Mary, your garden is so lovely! Hope the weather remains good so that you can spend time out there enjoying it :) What do they say, always make time to smell the roses? so to speak! Cathy x