Happy Sunday afternoon. I'm having pc windows 7 computer is misbehaving, my XP computer is slow, and my laptop is slow too. On the Win7 pc, my guru thinks it is a driver problem, because at first it was intermittently freezing up, today I am having trouble even getting it to boot. So fired up the XP, and that one seems to not want to skip quickly to my sites I'm trying to get to (one of which is my online banking so I can pay some bills!), and is just super slow at loading anything else. Got the laptop online and it's just as slow. We lost our cable last week (which means no phones, no internet either at that time), so don't know if this is something with the provider, my router - or some other problem. Then Google won't let me edit my yesterday's post to make a correction. Mr. Blogger ain't likin' me either. <g> I wanted to make a correction to the Inky Fingers link with the gelato butterfly of yesterday; this morning, my brain remembered it was this site by Debbie Olsen where I saw the gelato technique. I get a lot of inspiration from Inky Fingers too, so though that was where I thought I saw the gelato post. Then I could not find the specific post at Sue's, so put in her main blog link. Both of these blogs are terrific for getting card inspirations... At Debbie's post, she has a picture of what the gelatos look like. I've had several questions so I'll try to snap some pictures of what I used and post when I get the computer problems sussed out. I believe Gelato is a product name, and I used those marketed by Faber Castell. There are some good Youtube videos showing this product; Jill Foster would be a good one to google. The stamp was easily cleaned after applying the gelatos, and uncapped applicator has a glue stick type of consistency. Or a chapstick/lip balm. Very creamy, much more so than a crayon. As I said in the previous post, I did 4 stampings with basically one application - but in places where the stamp didn't appear to have what I thought was 'enough' of the product, I'd just dab on a bit more in that area, spritz it again, stamp it on the paper. The very first stamping was quite vivid, and very pretty. Each generation got a bit lighter. The one that I used for the butterfly I posted, was the 4th stamping.

Hope this further clarifies anything I wrote yesterday, and also apologies for the incorrect blog link! Chalk it up to senior moments. I may not get back to visit anyone who leaves me a comment...I have email on the WIN7 pc, that I can't pull into my XP pc or the laptop, so please bear with me. When I get things squared away again, I'll try to answer those emails if I can recover them. Doncha jes' luv when ya got pc woes...or car problems...or house problems???Guess that's jist life happenin'. Have a great afternoon & Hugs. Be back when I can! <g>

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  1. Oh no Mary, you are having some frustrating problems for sure! Hang in there and hopefully it will get better soon. I hate when I have blogger and PC problems!!! lol It would be alright if I was more tech savvy, but I'm not. lol Hugs!