Hello and welcome. If you read my post of yesterday, you know that my computer is ill so I'm using an older computer to do 'business'. The one we normally use, has a card reader port, so that I can just slide my camera memory disk into the slot, and import the pictures. The XP that I'm using at the moment, doesn't have a port, so I have to hunt up the camera software, install it, etc. etc. I know the software cd is somewhere around here...Anyway, I was just checking email, and read something with a link to this really neat & welldone Youtube video about gelatos. It's yet another way to use this product, and one I will definitely try myself. For those who left questions about exactly what a Gelato is, this shows the product really well. Here's the link:

If you can't get this link to open, go to Youtube and search for

This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it. Flowers with Gelatos by Darlene DeVries 

 I hope the link works so that if you have time, you can check it out. In the meantime, thanks for joining me. Hope to get things all fixed up and back to normal business soon.

It's DH's birthday. Mine is in 2 more months, so I asked him if 69 felt any different than 68, so I can get prepared if need be. He said "Yeah it does". Hmmmm...

Hugs & have a wonderful Monday and thanks for joining me today.


  1. Sure hope you will be able to solve your computer problems...whata drag for you!!

  2. Defiantly going to check out the You tube video this afternoon :)
    Have fun with the software thats never something I like dealing with.
    I leave those things for my teenager, he ha more patience than I do.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Hi Mary, computers are wonderful when they are working!! I received the link in an email too. Haven't watched the video yet, but Darlene's colouring looks amazing :)
    (I use Windows to upload my pics as I don't like my camera's software. I create a folder in My pictures, plug in my camera and find it as a drive on My computer, then I cut or copy from there to the folder in My pictures. I'm on Windows 7 now but I also used to do it on XP. Just in case you want to try it :) Cathy x

  4. Wow that is a cool technique! I've never heard of this product before. So you buy it in the art aisle Mary?! I love her stamp too. lol Happy Birthday to Joe!! He is kinda making me nervous with the feeling different part! lol Hugs!

  5. Hey Miss Mary - I am sorry about your computer - I hope is gets well REAL soon. I just post pictures of all my little animals. I am beginning to think I am half way crazy!!

  6. Oh Mary, I hope you get the camera/computer problems sorted...I am worried about the same thing when we go to the lake. DH has broken both ports on the laptop, so when he brings it home tomorrow I am praying that there is a way to load my camera card or download from the camera or whatever...sounds like I will be relearning things like you too!