Good afternoon, and our area has another lovely Spring afternoon. Pleasant weather, sunshine, still have a bit of coolness in the air though.  Last evening I gathered some tools that I use & occasionally mention here; thought I'd snap a photo, and share pictures, just in case some readers may not know what the items are. Hope this will help if you read about one of these tools in my post.

 These are some of the different stamp cleaners that I use. I've found that the Kiss-Off is great for cleaning stained rubber stamps when nothing else will get off the grunge. I've not used it on clear or red cling, just on my red rubber mounted on wood. Think it would probably be ok on the red cling, but not sure I'd try on the clear. (But it might be ok- I've just not tried it.). This is a tube - similar to a glue stick. Rub it over the stamp, dampen an old toothbrush- scrub the stamp. Works up a lather, then clean it off. Wipe down with a damp cloth. May need several applications for a seriously stained stamp. Works well for me. I've recently found this product in Hobby Lobby, in the Art Section. I suggested to the craft department manager, that it should also be placed in their stamping section. I purchased mine at a Stamp store. (at H/L, you can use a coupon!)   I put the Judikins cleaner in a smaller spray bottle, then spritz the stamp when I've finished, wipe on a dry pad. I've also used this on new stamps - or stamps purchased off eBay, to condition the red rubber.  Grandma's cleaner is just spritzed on the stamp or on the cleaning pad, then wipe stamp, clean with a pad dampened with water, dry rubber.  The big box stores in the US have this product. (There's a similar product used to clean laundry stains too, which I use, and find it works very well). I also have a spray bottle with water mixed half with Simple Green (an all purpose, strong cleaner) and use that on a folded rag.  When I finish stamping, I set the stamp over on that pad until I can clean it. Also having just plain water on a dampened pad, is a good thing to have handy, set the stamp on until you can clean it properly. I usually have an old terry wash cloth, folded, quite damp, in a disposable plastic TV meal tray, & set my stamp onto that until I can clean it. I like to keep my stamps as clean as I can.

The small 'shaving brush' is a Judikins tool, and the stipple brush is from Dreamweavers. I use both these brushes to stipple on color when I don't want to use a sponge or sponge applicator. I find that both of these brushes allow me to add a light touch of color without tearing the paper, which I've done with the sponge applicators. The bottle was ordered from Gina K because I saw a video where she used this bottle with Gamsol. You can put the Gamsol in the bottle; open the top cover, press your applicator on the top surface. There is a wick that will feed a small amount of the Gamsol into a 'well' under this top cover, you wet the applicator, and work on your project. It helps to keep the Gamsol covered when not in use. Also Gamsol needs to be used in a well-ventilated space!
Cap open, showing the interior 'well'. Pressing down in this area with your applicator, causes the well to fill with a small amount of the Gamsol.
Closer look at the 2 brushes. Sometimes I suds the brushes, but lately, I've just kept a small brush dedicated to a color family, and don't wash them after each use.
I hope this is of some help to you, and if there should be questions, leave a comment, and I'll do my best to answer.
I hope that you are having a Blessed Sunday where you are, and doing something that you enjoy. In the meantime, thanks for your visit, and many hugs! Come again soon.



  1. Great share - love the sound of that Kiss off particularly but not sure what gamsol is, I will Google it thank!! Shaz in oz.x

  2. Some great tips on cleaning our stamps Mary! I like to keep mine clean too, and usually clean it as soon as I use it, but I have a friend who uses my stamps and doesn't clean them until just before she leaves and by then the stain won't come off. lol So I might try looking for that KISS OFF stuff in HL and see if I can clean my stamps up some. I have seen those bottles for Gamsol too and have always wanted one. What do you use your Gamsol for Mary, to color with colored pencils?? Thanks for the awesome tips my friend!! Hugs!

  3. Gamsol is a turpenoid product (and you can buy the odorless stuff in art sections of the big box stores). I use it with colored pencils, to help smooth & blend out lines. I have read that you can do the same with Baby Oil, but I've never tried it. Gamsol is a brand name (I think), and I bought the kit at a local stamp store when I first started trying the technique. Then I got into Copics...sigh.

  4. Oops...forgot to reiterate once more: Use in a well ventilated's supposed to be odorless, but it's still a chemical, and best to be where there's air circulation.

  5. Wow. many ideas. Thanks. Have heard of the simple green before, but not the kiss off. Will take a photo of the liquid glass for you. It is a product in our Close To My Heart Line that you put on and dries clear and shiny. Can use for glue, to pop up something with just a few dots of it for flowers etc.

    Thanks for the comment, am working at getting back. Now to get going to check all the blogs on my list and become visible here again.

  6. What a great, helpful post Mary...Some of my rubber stamps are quite awful looking as they were bought at scrapbook garage sales. I am going to implement your idea of the simple green right away, I think it is a brilliant idea.

    You know I am in the midst of that stamp organizing job and re organizing as think i will clean all my stamps thoroughly using some of your methods, as I res-tamp them off onto the filing sheets.