July 4th

Good evening, and Happy 4th of July to all my USA friends! I hope you had a grand day to celebrate. It was blooming hot here in Beantown. Our picnic was outside, think it was 94, and though we had lots of shade, it was HOT! But good food, good friends made for a most enjoyable day. We came home, watched the Boston Pops on television. It was so lovely to get back in cool air conditioning, and I got a very cool shower which was refreshing!

Our daughter called, said it is raining in Tampa, Fla. I'm reading email that it is raining in our hometown in SC. We could have used a few clouds this afternoon, but we had bright golden sunshine, blue skies, and an occasional breeze.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Deerfield, Mass, which is an old historic town, that has been restored. We visited  there - lo these many many years ago. We both enjoy that type of thing. Not sure who in the family will go with us, if any.

Took a few pictures at the picnic, mostly of people, but our hosts did have some lovely flowers about, so I'll see how they turn out. I'm seeing the color combo of golden yellow lilies planted with vivid pink petunias a lot up here. Really very striking. If anything turned out halfway decent, I'll share a few of the gardens.

So have a restful evening, and thanks so much for popping by, and I hope your day was fun, relaxing, safe, whatever you needed the celebration to be. We were remembering what it is all about, makes you stop and think what our forebears sacrificed so that we had such a day to celebrate. Hugs, and come again when you have time.
Edit: Got the pictures transferred from camera to pc, so I thought I'd share a few. Hope you enjoy
Back garden
Driveway garden

My DH - ballcap & flag shirt.
Picnic host & master chef

Best friend, hat & blue shirt. His brother(other hat)
 visiting from Seattle


  1. Awwww.looks like a wonderful day. love the flag flying and the sweet flag lanterns! The garden colours look fabulous!

  2. Looks like it was a beautiful picnic Mary! I love the pictures of the garden, so beautiful are the flowers!! I also love the pics of your friends!! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your trip. It has been hot and dry here too, but with high winds-which the winds are sucking out all the moisture and yep, you got it, we need rain! Hugs my friend!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful day and a good time at the picnic. The pictures are great!!