Our evening had cooled off enough so that it was moderately pleasant to sit out on the front porch in the swing.The mosquitoes were not too awfully bad, if the swing was kept in motion. The neighborhood was quiet, and it was very peaceful. Saw some tiny bats flying about, and birds looking for their nest for the night.  Lovely to be able to sit out & enjoy the evening while it was slipping over to twilight. Noticed the moon rising from behind the trees so got the camera and tried to get a shot on the night setting. The old camera did not get very good pictures on this setting. I think this one did better. This was taken about 9:15pm. As you can tell, it was still quite light.

Tried a couple of other shots using sunset/dusk & fireworks settings. Didn't like any of those. This camera warned to use the flash, and wouldn't operate until the flash was raised. Of course I had to hunt around for the button to pop up the flash.

Hope you enjoy this. The picture does NOT convey the beauty that we saw this evening. It was awesome. Also didn't have a storm this evening as we've been having the past few evenings. No rain today, and it was cooler. At least temperature wise...the humidity was high, so it felt muggy. There was a breeze the few times I stepped outside. So very thankful for that.

Have a lovely evening, and thanks for popping by. Hugs


  1. Gorgeous photo Mary, I could almost smell the sweet evening air!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Wow Mary, this is a gorgeous photo!!! It looks so serene and nice in your neighbor hood. Love the moon too. I will have to try to get a night time pic. I have noticed that the days are starting to get shorter, which I am really dreading!! Hugs!

  3. So beautiful, Mary! Thank you for sharing! It was a rare cloudy night here last night so I didn't get to see it over me; how lovely to see what it looked like over you!!

  4. Such a beautiful picture Mary. I love your story and how you describe everything too regarding the night and how pretty of an evening you had. =)

    ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

  5. I think your picture is lovely Mary!