Good morning from Beantown, and welcome. We have another hot sunshine day here. Yesterday we visited the quaint & lovely village of Deerfield, Massachusetts. It was 94 in the shade again, and these old houses do NOT have air conditioning. The docents had small fans in the downstairs area where they waited for visitors, but oh my goodness, I don't know how they managed. I was totally knocked out by the heat. We would climb stairs, huffing & puffing, to get in the upper areas, which were even more hot & airless. Of course all windows were closed. I kept thinking "Now whose stupid idea was it to come here today?" (It had been mine). It is a lovely place to visit, as many of the houses are original to the village, with lots of  'original to the house' items, such as wallpaper or furnishings, etc. Of course some would be reproductions, but still, one gets the flavor of what the early village life would have been. Had it not been such a miserably hot day, what a pleasure to see early life. There are several extremely interesting museums - one being a silver shop, another a textile & early furniture display. Another is a 'hands-on' for children and adults. We had lunch in the Deerfield Inn, which was blessedly air conditioned, with delicious food.

I did take some pictures, so I'll share just a few on the blog. I don't have any photo software on the laptop, so this are strictly from the Nikon, no edits or cropping done. I made them small size, but double click to enlarge.
Rose covered fence
House with moss on roof

Lily garden at old house
Deerfield Post Office

Stone wall entry
Deerfield Inn (air conditioned!)

Deerfield academy-tree lined street
Old house
 Deerfield was a very early New England settlement, that suffered an Indian attack, where many of its inhabitants were massacred. One house is called the Indian House, but it was closed on this visit, so we didn't get to go through it. Some years after the attack, some of the villagers that had been captured, were able to return, and re-established a village. You can Google Deerfield, Massachusetts and read about the info if you're interested, so I won't try to re-write & bore you. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Try to imagine this place in the fall, when the tree colors would be gorgeous. It is pretty in summer also, very green & cool looking - but not when it's 94!!! Thanks for joining me and have a wonderful day. Hugs & stay cool if it's hot where you are! I'm staying home - in the a/c - while the guys go out & about.


  1. Gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures Mary, such a shame about the heat though. Summer has finally arrived over here but is only due to last a week and it is nowhere near 94! Keep cool if you can. Hugs, Anne x

  3. Great photos Mary, hope you are staying at the Deerfield Inn with the AC. Sweltering heat here in the UK to enjoy the rest of your holiday x Susan x

  4. Wonderful pictures...looks like you are having a fun trip and doing lots of sightseeing!
    Too bad about the heat though. I agree with is hard to climb stairs and walk about when it is that hot.

  5. Lovely photos. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Lovely pics Mary, I love those gorgeous buildings, they look like they'd have lots of nooks and crannies to explore! Enjoy the rest of your trip :) Cathy x

  7. Thanks for leaving me a comment & deciding to be a follower--I so appreciate it! Love taking a virtual tour through your pictures while I enjoy our 80s--LOL!

  8. Loved the photos.. I enjoy old homes like this... would love to have been able to experience it.... so sorry though that its been very hot for ya!


  9. Oh Mary these pics are just beautiful! It looks gorgeous up there and wish I was there. lol Sorry about the heat though, I know I would struggle with that as well. I don't do hot very well or should I say that my Lupus doesn't to hot!! I am loving seeing these wonderful pics my friend, so thank you for sharing them with us! Hugs!!