Happy Sunday, and welcome. Today is an 'at home day' for me. DH has gone out on some errands, but I chose to stay inside in the coolth. Don't think it is quite so hot as past days, but still plenty warm.  I think the humidity is a bit less. Last evening we were invited out for another cookout, and my heart fell, cause I dreaded sitting outside in the muggy heat. However, I was delightfully surprised that even though we were outside, and it _was_ warm, there was a pleasant breeze to cool us off, and I didn't have breathing problems. So we had a very pleasant meal, and when the bugs joined us, we went inside into air conditioning. Hope if it's hot where you are, you have the pleasure of staying in where it's cool.

I thought I'd show one more picture I took at Deerfield Village. I took a closeup of one of the pretty lilies that are planted everywhere in this very colorful planted in massed clumps, but also very showy in combinations with other plant colors.

These are called Tiger Lilies and if we have them in South Carolina, I haven't seen any. Our lilies are the soft yellow ones usually. I want to use this coloration on a stamp image, so I figured I better get a closeup so I could remember what it looks like.
Tomorrow we plan to head south, so I'll be MIA once again. It will take us 2 days - if all goes to plan - and I'm debating on the wisdom of stopping at the Greensboro stamp store I discovered in May. I was so bad at the one we visited last week, that I probably ought not.  Then, again....
. So have a wonderful afternoon, stay cool if you can, and thanks for popping by to visit. Hugs. 


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Mary - enjoy your shopping trip too x Susan x

  2. I hope you make it to this second store as I want to hear all about the shopping treasures!

    Hope you continue to have a wonderful holiday and many more wonderful breezes while you are visiting! Went down to Washington today and bought quite a few new outfits for our trip. It always feels so nice to wear something new... lol

  3. ah, Mary, sounds like fab time all around keep cool and God bless, Shaz in oz.x oh and you really dont except me to know when it is the 12th do you? day of week is hard enough let alone a date :D .xxx happy anniversary for then, anyway.

  4. I love day lilies and managed to bring some old fashioned double ones when we moved. I was so thrilled to see them bloom this summer! They are among my favorite flowers. Plant them and enjoy. Not a lot of upkeep and lots of color. I have one this color too. It was a special gift from a neighbor. Safe travels!

  5. You are home and then gone again Mary! lol Glad that you had a nice breeze to keep you cool on your latest cookout. Yes, it has been very hot and very, very humid with high dew points. Heat index have been well over 100. Today is better though. Hope you have a fabulous get away again. Oh love the beautiful tiger lilly!! We have tiger lillies here, as a matter of fact I had some here at the house, but tore them out because I didn't like where they were. It made the side of the house look like it was all weedy. lol Now I wish I had them back but in a different place. So figure right?! Hugs!

  6. Hope you stay cool, wherever you are. I just turned on the air conditioner yesterday as it's getting into the 80's for a couple of days, hoping back down this weekend! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥