Good afternoon & welcome.

I was so tired after all my excitement of shopping yesterday afternoon, I completely forgot to mention that I got selected to win some more blog candy from Tammy at Somewhere Under the Sun. She had done a marvelously vintage card using cameos (a fav of mine...on Anything). So I left a comment, and Voila, RG picked me. Whoa!  Big Thank You to Tammy, and I've emailed her my contact info. She has a lovely blog, if you have time to check this out.

Today I was fooling with our recently purchased Nikon P520(or I should say My, as DH says he ain't gonna mess with this one. He will keep to the Nikon for dummies- an old Coolpix). If I can larn how to use it, I think it will  take much sharper pictures. Has more 'manual' controls, should a knowledgeable operator know how to use. (A key element!). Took some of Max the dog, who is a 10 month, lovely blonde Labrador. After our initial entry into the house, when Max was alone in his kennel, doing his guard dog bit, growling low in his throat, he has decided we might be fit to be allowed in house. Now, I rather believe he likes me. He is still quite rambunctious, loves to jump and lick. So far, he has not seemed to antagonize my allergy stuff. However, a neighbor brings his dog in to visit several times a day, and this dog does give me symptoms. When I was here 3 yrs + ago, Lucky was a new puppy, and I reacted quite severely to him. His owner keeps him pretty much away from me, assures me he doesn't shed (RIGGGHT!). I just say hello, excuse myself & try to leave the room. Have been very religious with my meds, and so far.....fingers crossed.

Was just outside, and think our cool weather has departed. It's not so hot as SC has been - yet - but hotter than the past few days. Next door is the most beautiful back yard (or garden), so I was out taking some pictures. Thought I'd share in lieu of a card. Hope you enjoy.

Next door garden, and back of their shed (which is cute too)


Max-10 month old lab
Now I must say, Max had very graciously posed for me previously to this picture, but I was so slow at taking his picture, he moved & it blurred. I have to confess the blurred result was my fault, not due to Max. This one was after his earlier pose, and he's looking at me as if to "Are you ever gonna get on with it?". There was something more interesting going on than having his photo in somebody making homemade chicken salad for tomorrow's festivities. Maybe I'll get him to pose for me again, and I can get a better shot.
In the meantime, thanks once again to Tammy, Happy 4th of July if you happen to celebrate the occasion, and do check out Pixie's Crafty Workshop Snippets Challenge 79. There are some awesome prizes available for those who are brave enough to venture into the Playground and join in the fun. Wish I had my card making supplies here....Oh wait, there's some in the pickup. ...Nah, better leave 'em in the bags until I'm home & in private.LOL. Thanks for coming to visit. Hugs


  1. Looks like it's going to be a great camera! Love little Max....what a cutie!

  2. Lovely flowers in the next door garden Mary. I have had one bad Hay Fever day last week but seem to have them under control now. fingers crossed. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Nice garden and cute dog ! He is yours or a visitor? Enjoy the new camera, Shirleyx

  4. You'll get the hang of that camera, Mary. Then you can come give me some lessons. Sweet puppy!

  5. Congrats on your win Mary! Have fun with the camera........ Max is a real cutie. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Beautiful gardens and love the pic of Max, he sure is one beautiful dog!! Looks like this camera is going to be a great one Mary! Have a wonderful 4th my friend! Hugs!