The Big 50 Day

Good Morning -  welcome - and thanks for coming by to visit today.

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This is a big Milestone Day at our house, as we were married 50 years ago this evening. By strange coincidence, that happened to be a Friday as well. I used to get the days mixed up (wondering it July 12 or July 13...?). Then I'd always remind myself "We would never be so stupid as to get married on a Friday the 13th, so it has to be Friday 12th". Funny how one's mind can work. Now DH claims he never got the days mixed up. Freudian? Maybe so! Anyway, we did make it for 50 years, and we both agree, that sometimes WAS A LOTTA WORK! 

We were very young (both 19), and too immature to get married. (This thought is in retrospect you understand..we didn't think so at the time). Didn't have much money either, and while money never buys happiness, it can sure help ease things along. Also during the 3rd year of marriage, Mr. DH got called up for the Viet Nam war, which was a very difficult time for us and everyone else in the country too. I had never been away from home before, so when I went to Pensacola, Fla. where he was stationed after boot camp training, I was so homesick. Then we found we were expecting a baby...still very little money. When I shopped for groceries, I had a little counter thing, and if I went one penny over what we had budgeted to spend for 2 wks (and it was a very small amount too!), I started figuring what I could put back on the shelf. We ate an awful lot of Campbell's Tomato Soup and Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks. (Two things that don't come into our house today). While very happy to be back together, expecting a little one, it was real scary wondering how we would manage. But with God's Help, we did, and had a beautiful little girl who has been/still is...the joy of our life. Best thing we ever did! (Not sure if we can take much credit for how she turned out. She is a very quiet person, but sort of goes her own way..which we did try to teach her). She's always made us proud. So thanks for celebrating with us today. We have been so blessed in our lives, and we're both so thankful.

Now here's the card I have made to share today:

So I hope you enjoy the card; I didn't list the specs, but if you're interested, I'll provide the info.
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Thanks for joining me today. I have some lovely cards I'll post (hopefully later today). Thank you to those who were so thoughtful to spend their time making a beautiful card for us. We loved each one.
So have a wonderful day doing whatever you've planned; stay cool if you can; and thanks for joining me. Hugs.



  1. Hi Mary. Congrats to you and your hubby on your 50th wedding anniversary! This is a huge milestone! And thank you for sharing a little of the start of your lives together.

    Beautiful card ... that rose is gorgeous! Love the embossed background too. Loll xx

  2. Hi Mary, lovely card and such a petty rose. I left comments earlier today on you other post too x Susan x

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! Looking back really opens our eyes. We thought we were so grownup. I too used a 'clicker' when grocery shopping and had to prioritize my list. Love reading your blog. The rose card is beautiful - what die or border was used on the bottom?

  4. Happy Anniversary. It will be our42nd next month. Everyone gave us 6months!! Yep it was tough to start with but the tough keeps you going. Please do not include me in your candy as I won your lovely box of goodies before. Hugs Mrs a.

  5. Happy Anniversary Mary to you and your hubby - that really is some achievement these days - well done! Love your pretty card, the embossed background is lovely and I think the rose is beautiful. Hugs, Anne x

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful milestone and hope you have 50 more wonderful years together! I loved reading about some of your early life together and know exactly what you mean about the soup and fish sticks! Ah, to be young again! LOL! My husband was also stationed in Pensacola for while and although it's a beautiful place, I wouldn't have wanted to be alone at the time.
    You card is beautiful - as always! Lovely rose and a gorgeous background.
    Kudos to you and your husband for your anniversary and super cyber hugs to both of you.

  7. Oh Mary, I'm so sorry that the date slipped past me due to other things happening here. Wishing you both a VERY happy 50th Anniversary - and many more years to come.

    Love and huge hugs, Di xx (and my Len of course, we're just coming up to 19 years together!)


  8. Happy Anniversary Mary and Joe!!! How wonderful that you made it to this milestone, something that doesn't happen often anymore! And I can believe that your daughter is awesome too because she had two awesome parents!! Your card is simple gorgeous! I love the embossing folder and that beautiful rose you colored-stunning!! I also love the border! Big hugs to you my friend!

  9. Hi Mary, congratulations to you and your hubby on your 50th wedding anniversary and may there be many more :)

    Your card is lovely, the beautiful embossing is perfect for your lovely rose. Cathy x

  10. Mary that was a lovely story.
    Congratulations on Fifty years!!
    In this life a marriage filled with love is a real blessing.
    My Bald Man and I are approaching our 16th year this Sept.
    The past 16 years seems to have just flown by.
    I hope that one day we too will be blessed to celebrate our 50.
    The rose card is beautiful , it just pops off the paper.
    I hope that you have a great weekend with your DH.
    Love and Hugs

  11. ah not sure what day it is over there now Mary but really loved the story you share (wonderful days of depending on the LORD for the little pennies teaches us ready for the bigger things in life I found too..
    Wonderful wonderful card seems have seen about three or four of the efforts over the months and have loved them al...

    Congrats indeed on 50 wodnerful years .. also tried three time to subscribe to your posts and still not coming to my mailbox so maybe it is not working feedburner never seemed to generate the request properly... ie saying you were subscribed.
    A very happy anniversary to you both, Shaz in oz.x.
    and also about

  12. Hey Mary Congratulations on such a special day for you and DH. Loved your story too. Thanks for sharing. I am a follower of your blog via Bloglovin'

  13. Opps pressed publish too quickly - Love your card. Such a pretty embossing and the floral border is great. xx

  14. Hi Mary, just want to wish you a big congratulations on reaching 50 years together. You look too young to be married that number of years ! I'm sure you feel the time has flown. Thanks for sharing the story about your early years and the struggles. Your card that you posted is beautiful. Please don't worry about counting me in on blog candy, I'm too far away, I'm just here to extend Best Wishes :) Cheers ! Shirleyx ps.. the cards you received on the previous post are wonderful.

  15. Hope your 50th anniversary was as great as your 1st with many more to come. Congratulations. Evelyn A J

  16. Hope your 50th anniversary was as great as the 1st anniversary with many more to come. Congratulations Evelyn A J

  17. Mary and Hubby, hope your day is as special as the day you were married. Congrats on such a wonderful milestone anniversary!

    Chris B

  18. congratulations on your 50th anniversary mary and hubby! it certainly is a very special day and it sounds like you had a lovely evening, despite the weather. this card is beautiful and i just love the soft pink embossed background.
    hugs, linda