Good evening & welcome. We are having a chilly rainy night in my area. The rain is needed so not complaining at all. Our day started early with a post-op check at my eye doctor's. On our way saw the most astoundingly wonderful sunrise. Good news is doctor is pleased with the results, and said I should improve daily. I'm not seeing any change as yet - I'm 20-40, which I was pre-surgery, but hopefully that will continue to get better. Had breakfast out again, while waiting to get the yearly mammogram and then a bone density, which I get every 2 yrs. Tomorrow is Orthopedic checkup for my Achilles, and YAY! Finally (God Willing!) done with all doctors for the year! Boy, I never thought I'd spend so much of my retirement time visiting doctors! The positive aspect of this is at least I made it long enough to do that!!!! LOL. I wanted to share 2 more beautifully done & lovely cards we received today from my stamp buddies. The photography just does not do justice, and for this I apologize. I hope you can enlarge the pictures and see just how gorgeous these cards are. The Nativity scene, especially - was hard to get the glare removed. That silvery-blue moire ribbon is just so elegant, and the nativity scene is embossed with a glittering silver against the dark blue--absolutely stunning. Elaine has used one of my favorite MBox dies, and some embossing on the side part of the white c/stock...and this is just so elegant. I'm blessed to have such talented stamping friends; equally so that they took the time to think of us, make us a wonderful card to say Merry Christmas. Enjoy....come back again soon. 
Elaine's Blue & White Tree
Stepahnie's Blue & Silver Nativity


  1. Two more gorgeous cards!

    Glad to hear they are happy with your eye surgery outcome...what a treat to see the sunrise!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Just stopping in to wish you and DH a Merry Christmas, Mary! (We should have exchanged addresses earlier in the year so we could have exchanged cards!) I'm so glad to hear your cataract surgery went well. May 2013 be a happy and HEALTHY year for you both!! Hugs, Darnell