MERRY CHRISTMAS! Good morning and welcome. This is a scheduled post, so I hope Mr. Blogger cooperates with me in handling this post the way I intended. I want to say a Big Thank You and extend my very best wishes to you & your loved ones to enjoy a wonderful day, hopefully spending it with those you love best, in good health, happy. I also want to say Thank you to those of you who signed on as blog followers, because you have gladdened my heart each time I see your faces on the sidebar. I'm so grateful to each of you for taking the time to join, leave comments. I'm also thankful for ALL who have visited the blog, and left encouraging comments this past year. You'll never know how much you have meant with your support, and how much I've enjoyed 'chatting' with you. I consider each of you a blessing, and have made some new 'blog friends'. Ok, for today to share with you: These are some clear ornaments I got (on sale!) at Michaels. The surface is rather flattish, so it's easy to do the Sookwang sticky tape gig. I used a SU scallop punch to cut out the tape (which was a sheet - rather than the roll...easier to manipulate); then removed the backing, adhered the punched circle to the ornament. Burnish it down very well, removing as many creases as possible. I used a bone folder and my fingers, lifting the tape up to check that I had gotten the tape down well. It leaves a sticky (and visible) surface when you peel away the Sookwang label side of this tape. Then I removed  the outline from an Elizabeth Craft poinsettia sticker, applied to the sticky surface on the ornament - using tweezers. You want to keep your fingers off this tape as much as possible. I replaced the waxy Sookwang side of the backing tape over the sticker, burnished the outline sticker down very well. Did all 4 ornaments this way, leaving the backing tape in place, until I was ready for the Ritz Glitter part. Dusted each ornment generously with Ritz Glitter Cool White Highlight, using a soft brush to clean off excess. Once I felt I had a good coating, I burnished, burnished, burnished. After doing all 4 ornaments, I used copics to color the inside of the outline sticker. (Ah, colors used were R81,85, R56, YG05, YG63, Blender pen). I varied the R85 & 56, trying to get different shadings on each flower. Barely touch the nib at the end towards center of the petal with the darkest color, then a bit more of the lighter color. Use blender pen to draw the colors down towards the point. Did same with the leaves. Once all the flowers were done, I used a light & dark yellow for the centers. Sorry, don't remember which these were. These ornaments are for DD, and I was working about 3am this morning to finish this last minute decision to make these. I am prone to last minute stuff!!! Once again, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, and thanks for visiting. Hugs.


  1. They look so pretty.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hope you are having lots of fun with your daughter!
    Christmas hugs,
    Maureen aka Scrappymo!

  2. Hi Mary , yep tell me about last minute stuff.!!!L Yesterday with all the shops shut had me making my own Washi tape!! Your baubles look gorgeous. Sounds like a lot of work went into making them though but well worth the end result. Hope you are having a fab time. Hugs mrs a.

  3. Hey Sweetie,

    I had seen these at Michaels, and almost grabbed some. After seeing your beautiful creations, I wish I had now. Blessings to you and a Merry Christmas.


    1. Hey Sweetie,

      thanks so much for stopping by...just wanted to ask where about outside of Tampa were you visiting...we live just North of Tampa :)

  4. Your creation is so beautiful!! I seem to run into those last minute as well! Thank you for the kind words that you left for me over at my blog. There is small part of me that feels a little intimidated by them, but I have been doing research on them, watching videos, etc. on the way to use them. I am use to the hard nib as the pens that I have been using have them. Its just all the color choices and learning how to blend them!! I won't be long before I will post my coloring with them!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may your New Year bring nothing but blessings!

  5. Wow Mary, these are beautiful!!! I bet your DD loved these, I didn't know you could take the blender pen to "pull" color around. Hummm, I will see if I can do this with the SN markers. You are so full of info Mary!! lol I know you are having a wonderful time with your DD and I pray that your Christmas was wonderful my friend! Hugs!!

  6. What a cute idea. Love it,
    Just stopped by to say thankyou for the comment on the cardinal card. Late as away over the Christmas season. Yes, hope this year is a great one for all of us. Know the card making will be a much larger part of mine again, and looking forward to it.

  7. These ornaments are beautiful Mary!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the "how to's"!