Hi, and I'm back again this evening with a little 'info' post. I've gotten a few questions about the Sookwang I use, so I thought I'd take a picture of it to hopefully show you what the product is. It is also known as Score Tape. You can see that I have a large roll, in the biggest width that I had the opportunity to buy. I think it was about $60+ in my local stamp store, and I've seen it for similar prices at some online places. It also comes in smaller, less expensive sizes, different widths - for different applications - and in flat sheets. The brand name on the tape is Sookwang, so that is what I was taught to call it in the Ritz Glitter classes. Cut off the amount that you need for your project, cut to shape, & remove the outer backing that has the name on it. (*you can save this piece for another use*).Once you remove this outer backing that you see in the picture, the product is extremely sticky, and you want to keep your fingers off it as much as possible. This then adheres to the surface of what you want to glitter. I use the Tim Holtz scissors to cut it to the desired shape as it sticks to the scissors. I think the TH scissor is made from a non-stick material, so works a bit better than just regular scissors. Once the Sookwang is down on your project, you peel off the remaining backing, sprinkle your Ritz glitter very generously over the surface, brushing off excess back into your glitter container. As I said previously, I dumped the tiny jar into a plastic container, use a spoon to brush the glitter over the project, then seal the container with its lid once I use a soft brush to wipe off the excess glitter. This glitter is a mite pricey I think, as it is a very tiny jar, but it really goes a long way. I bought it locally, but there are online places to purchase it also. I took a picture of the Stampendous Santa stamp used for my latest project. I love cling stamps for their ease of storage, but sometimes I don't always get a good sharp image with these stamps. My Bonnie's Best Stamp Press is the greatest whenever I have this problem. Some of my clear stamps don't give a crisp image (I'm sure it's Operator Error), so I really like this tool. There's a marvelous Youtube here that you really should check out, if this glitter technique is of interest to you. It's really an easy technique, and gives a fantastic look to your cards! Hugs and have a wonderful evening. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I love this tape too Mary, only I use it on a smaller scale. lol It is wonderful tape and I can't make things without it as it is very sticky and holds well. Do you have the stamp press?? Looks like it is nice and would give a nice press. I find larger stamps are hard to get an even press with just our hands so that is why we don't get a crisp image from them. Off to watch the video my friend, thanks for the info! Hugs!