Good evening, and we are winding down to the finale of 2012. I just read an email, that I thought expressed quite well, some things I'd like to share with my blog followers:

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is December .......again - and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2012 is on its back!
A big "Thank You" to each and everyone of you, for the impact you had on my life this year. Especially for all the e-mails & lovely comments I received.......without you, I'm sure that 2012 would have been extremely boring.


May 2013 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures.
And to those who need someone special, may you find that true love.
To those who need money, may your finances overflow. 
To those who need caring, may you find a good heart. 
  Thanks for being my friend!

All the best in 2013
Folks, I can't say it any better than this! Have a wonderful Friday, thanks for stopping for a visit. Hugs.


  1. May 2013 bring you everything you need Mary.

    I know it will bring you lots of inspiration and creativity! I look forward to seeing your cards and posts in the New Year.

    Thanks for the kind comments to the grads. I take a little artistic liberty in typing her posts. She spends about 3 minutes telling me what to say and then I write it in my words...teehee

    I will look forward to the day she can do her own posts though...I am going to start printing out the directins for cards sketches and leaving them for her. She is a brilliant little girl, early talker, critical thinker, diplomatic, patient, excells at Math and Science, likes sports but HATES reading. She knows all the little rhymes "when 2 vowels go walking" etc and can tell you them as she tries each word...but she doesn't like to read. She says there are too many words and they make her head hurt. She sounds out so slowly it seems she is afraid to be wrong.
    She loves to be read to...I think she has never not excelled at something and doesn't like that reading is a lot of work and progress is slow at the beginning. If I print out the directions then she might want to read them.
    Sneaky Grandma!

  2. Hi Mary! Your beautiful Christmas card arrived this morning - I love it! Thank you so, so much - hugs, Di xx

  3. Mary, thanks for your wonderful comments and I hope you and yours are well and are having a wonderful Christmas season!

  4. This says it all Mary! And I feel the exact same way!! Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter my friend. Happy New Year!! Big hugs from PA

  5. Hi Mary! I agree, I have no idea where 2012 went! The older I get the faster time goes by. I had a nice, quiet Christmas. Christmas Eve my brother and his family and my dad and his girlfriend went bowling. It was so much fun - although my body paid for it the next day! Our temperature was a bit lower than what you had in Florida. We got snow Christmas Eve night so there was a fresh dusting for Christmas Day.

    No calls on the condo - I still need to put a sign out by the road. I tried but the ground is way too frozen for me to push the stand in. Oh well. I've gotten some of my card crafting supplies scattered so I'm kind of glad noone has called!

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2013! I'm sure we'll be visiting eachother. It's amazing the love and encouragement bloggers give to eachother.


  6. Hi there Mary thanks so much for popping over and cheering me with your visits also and may God bless your weekend and into the new year, till He comes.. Every blessing, Shaz in Oz.x

  7. Lovely Mary. Always love hearing from you.