Back again for a quick chat & to show the buds on our Christmas Cactus. We've had this plant about 5 years now, and it spent the summer on our front porch, along with a few other plants of different colors. During my stay in the basement this past summer, the plants either got neglected or overwatered, so many of them didn't survive DH's care. In his behalf, he had his hands full tending me.  This one must have been more hardy. We had one bloom just before Thanksgiving, that was a beautiful magenta color (started out as a Christmas red when we bought it). So out of about 6 plants, we have 2 left. I brought this one inside when our weather started to cool down, as it didn't look too dried out on the greenery. Just noticed it was getting buds, and this morning I saw the white pods had formed. Can't wait until the flowers are out. Incidently, the magenta one, is just about bloomed out. I'm not a plant person. Any plants around our house, have to be able to withstand ignorance and neglect! Hugs.


  1. It is going to be a thing of beauty soon! When those buds are open...oh my...It would look gorgeous beside a tall vase of paperwhites...You could go for a white on white in cardmaking.

    I did not follow you when you were recovering in the basement. That was me too. We have a guest suite for our company from England. it was the only floor in our house that had kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and full bathroom all on the same floor!

    What that the same for you? Lots of little things got forgotten here too, but in their defence, I am sure they were both so busy!

  2. Oh your Christmas catus looks like it is going to be so beautiful Mary! I can't wait to see the white blooms, so be sure to show it when it blooms. I have a magenta one too, and my is bloom but only on one side. lol I guess it was too dark on the back side so no blooms develop. I love flowers and plants in the house, but I do will tend to "forget" or "neglect" my plants from time to time too. lol