Hello and welcome. Here's another post with some lovely handmade cards that we've received this year. Aren't these lovely cards? And the photos do NOT do the cards justice, because each is truly beautiful. I can tell you that the Cardinal on Holly is a PSX stamp, because it is one of the first stamps I ever bought...and didn't know PSX from ABC or any other company. You can probably guess why it was a purchase! It languished for years with my 'stuff' and then one day I 'got into' stamping. Started hearing about PSX, learned the company had gone out of business and I couldn't buy any of the neat stamps my buddies had. So I was looking through my 'stuff' for a bird stamp, found this beautiful fella, and happened to look at the side of the wood block. (See me doing the Happy Dance while saying "Oh, Oh, THIS is a PSX stamp." Poor DH must have thought I'd lost my mind. - well, truthfully, he thinks that a lot anyway. LOL). This image is colored so beautifully, and the sender will know that I truly enjoyed receiving this card. Such a surprise too. Now the Swing card is a Stampin' up bird stamp I'm pretty sure. It actually was not technically a "Christmas card", but more on the lines of good wishes for my eye procedure. I wanted to show it on the post, because it is so pretty and well done (those nifty folds!) and it cheered me up so much. Firstly - just to look at it's beauty, but also to think someone took the time to think of me with a handmade card. Folks, to me, that just can't be emphasized as much as to how a handmade item can mean so much more. Someone thought enough of me to give me their talent, but ALSO their TIME! We all only have a finite amount of that. When you share your TIME and TALENT with me, well, that just cannot be done with mere money!! Hope you will enjoy these cards as much as we did. Thanks for stopping in.
Diane's Cardinal

Candee's Swinging Redbird

EDIT: Wanted to say the doctor said the eye procedure went well. I am home, doing the eye drop post procedure routine. I have a follow-up check early in the am. We stopped at Cracker Barrel (a local restaurant chain for those of you who are not familiar with this place) and had a wonderful breakfast...which I was SO ready for. Came home, did the drops, got my clothes changed and into the recliner did I go. ZZZZZZZ.

On another note: There's a lovely blogger named Bernie of who could sure use your prayers. I'm sure that many of you 'know' Bernie from following her blog. Bernie is going through a very rough patch right now, and would appreciate any prayers you may care to offer in her behalf. I will share a little more news at a later date - or Bernie will be posting after receiving some news from some tests she has been undergoing. She has not been posting of late, and I think the Power of Prayer might place a ring around Bernie and be a good thing. Not sure how much she's on the pc, but if you want to leave some good wishes at her blog, maybe she will see. I asked for her permission to share this with you.


  1. Both those cards are so lovely! The cardinal is such a gorgeous bird and so well coloured. The get well card is a fold I want to learn in 20143!!! I love that style of card. That little red bird is so pretty too!
    Glad to hear your surgery went well...Do your eyedrops diligently and take it easy for a bit...let your DH wait on deserve it!

  2. Very pretty,the cardinal is gorgeous!

  3. Mary these are just beautiful! What a pleasure to receive! I love coming to your blog your posts are always so sweet, thoughtful and positive.

  4. Both cards are lovely and I think you summed it up well about receiving handmade items.

    Hoping you continue to make a good recovery.

    Sarn xxx

  5. Hi Mary, I posted a comment on here somewhere a minute ago wishing you a Merry Christmas, but now I don't see it. I left and went over to Bernie's blog to wish her the same and saw that she still hadn't posted, then I saw Di and Sarn's notes, so I just wanted to pop back on here and thank you for the head's up about Bernie. She has been on my mind and I am happy to send prayers her way. Please feel free to email me and keep me posted as you get updates. God bless!