Good Morning from rainy Southern Florida. It is a gloomy gray day and it's fortunate that we lived in So. Fla for over 40 years so not terribly disappointed with no sunshine. (It's raining in our hometown as well, plus it's colder in SC). Anyway, thought I'd pop in to say Hi, and paste a link to this fabulous Pinterest board I just browsed upon (  .) I know there are quite a few of you folks that love these Memory Box dies just as much as I do. Let me tell you: I was so humbled looking at these cards...makes me wonder how I ever dare post anything I make! If you have time to spend a few minutes drooling over cards, I recommend you check this Pinterest Board. Here's the story on how I found this board: I follow Heather Telford (another lovely blog) - she of the sponging background skills. I get notification when Heather posts something new, and today her inspiration was a card she saw on a Pinterest board. Well, I had to go look to see what inspires Heather as she is so awesomely talented herself, and then I followed THAT board to another board, and etc. Good way to entertain myself on a rainy morning while thinking of what we can do to pass the day. (Sure beats vaccuuming the floors - which is what we had told DD we'd take care of for her today). Yesterday we went out and hunted through the local Costco Warehouse to see what this store has that might be different from our store at home. (Do you do that too? DH said "They'll have the same thing WE do, why do you want to go there?). Well, they DID have some different stuff! Actually I was scanning the streets as we drove to see if there were any stamping stores...saw one but we got by it too fast, plus were in the wrong lane to make a turn, and I think it was a scrapbook store anyhoo. Checked out a Michael's & JoAnn's around this area....not much left after Christmas. Or maybe it is just that I have too much "STUFF" awready?  I'm thinking of what I will gather as blog candy if I ever get to 100 followers. Or the blogaversary which is coming up too. Got some lovely Cheery Lynn & Memory Box dies that I've managed to collect duplicates, so I think it will be something good. So have a grand Saturday, and hope the weather is pleasant where you may be. Or if it is not, that you have some fun inside things to keep you happy. Hugs and come again.


  1. Wow, just finished looking at that board...I have repinned several...
    Oh I need more MB dies!

    I have always wanted the house and trees on a hill...whenever there has been a sale, that one has already sold out b4 I get there. Next time, I am going to be one of the throng that are waiting for the doors to open.
    Just before Christmas, they had the MB 1/2 off for one day...I did manage to get several so feel very lucky...
    You are going to see more Memory Box style cards from me in 2013!

  2. Just bought the MB Christmas tree and used it for the first time. I have to say it was a real treat to use. The cut paper popped straight out unlike other dies that you have to spend time poking all the little bits out with a pin. It has rained here non stop for the last few days. It is so dark and gloomy too. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Wow, Mary, that is a great Pinterest site, thank you so much for sharing! I keep scrolling down and there seems to be no end, so I'll have to go back later after I've gather more saliva. My mouth is pretty dry now!

    Hope you get some sunshine soon and I wish you and DH all the best for a year of happiness and good health! Darnell

  4. Wow..those are gorgeous. This is something I've not done yet, and I'm afraid to even try for fear of how much I will love it $$$...

    BTW..I called in for some sunshine for yeah here in FL, but I had to bargain for some cold along with it. ;)