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Good evening, and welcome to 2 new followers, Joann of and
Ann van Dijk of Ladies I thank you very much for joining me here, and I urge all of you to check out these 2 fabulous blogs. You're in for a real enjoyable visit to some lovely art work.

Today we visited a huge Ikea store. Some years ago, DH & I had been to a small store up in Massachusetts for our first experience with Ikea. We walked around this store for hours and still didn't even begin to make a dint in seeing everything. I'm not sure I'd like a house furnished in the Ikea style, but it is very clean & modern looking. The 'rooms' were so uncluttered. I told DH, this is very pretty, but we'd have it all messed up with our clutter in 10 minutes. He just gave me a funny look. He is more of a hoarder of 'stuff' than even I am & it's a struggle to get him to put things back where they belong. I call him my little Packrat! I used to go through his wallet from time to time, just cleaning out bits of paper & stuff he'd squirreled away. (with his permission of course! That's one thing we have never done in 50 yrs, is muddle around in each other's wallets. After all, one _must_ have a little privacy!).  When our DD was at home, she knew to ask permission to get in my purse. There's nothing to hide in it, by any means, but hey, it's Mine!

Again the day was very hot...almost stifling. We managed to visit yet another Michael's store, as DH had seen some Halloween paper packs he liked yesterday. Mike's has a sneaky trick that I dislike very much: They have this 50% sign, which you notice the 50% immediately and think the items are half off. When you pay attention, what it really says is "50% off the 2nd item, when you buy one at full price". I've learned to watch the sales signs. Because he liked these packs, we went ahead & got 2, and of course, couldn't use coupons on them either. We had seen some nice Christmas stamps at the store we visited yesterday (in another part of town), but the store today had not gotten those in. Everything I was remotely interested in was on some kind of sale, (but not really!) so no coupons could be used. Sneaky.

This area has no Hobby Lobby nor A C Moore least any that we know about. But lots of Michael's. Haven't found any stamp stores either. Just as well. I'd only get in trouble, and I'm in enough after the stamp convention a few weeks back. The Piper will have to be Paid on that escapade when we get back home, and the Visa bill comes in!

We came home, sat out on the pool deck for a while. Even though it was still quite hot, there is a lovely cool breeze off the water, so it was most pleasant to sit outside & watch the boat traffic. I did see the dolphins playing today. There are 3 of them that play up and down the waterway just off DD's house. We can see Dolphin Boats go by where people cruise the waterway to see them. They played this afternoon for quite a while, then swam off.

Thanks for joining me this evening. Sorry I can't post any pictures. I can charge the cameras, but no cord to USB into my laptop. Ya'll have a lovely night, and a happy Thursday. Hugs.


  1. Hope you're having a great time!

  2. Hi Mary-Sounds like you are having lovely time-and it's hot isnt it?Yes,I will swap you some of your heat for some of for our rain!
    I have only been into an Ikea store once-and walked around with mouth agape trying to take it all in-so many lovely things-and i wanted them ALL ! LOL!
    Have a great day,
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  3. All those craft stores to visti sounds like a dream. Hope your having a nice break away from household chores. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time Momma Mary! I have never been in an Ikea store but would love to look around one. lol Yes, these stores, ACMoore included are very sneaky!! And it never fails I want something and it is "on sale" and you can't use the coupon. Of course what they call on sale isn't what I call on sale. Glad that you are enjoying the dolphins and sitting on the pool deck. I must say that is a thing that I love to do as well. Wish I could enjoy my pool deck longer but fall is here, so that is done until next summer. lol Keep enjoying yourselves!!!

  5. Glad you finally saw those dolphins. I know you're having a great time with your daughter.
    Sorry you can't find a stamp store. We have Jo Ann Stores and Hobby Lobby here. I go to Michael's when I visit my son and also a fabulous scrapbook store. It is about 11/4 hrs. away. I've never been to an Ikea but sure would love to visit one.

  6. Good to hear that you are having a lovely time. I love IKEA, most of my craft room is furnished with things from there. How lovely to see the dolphins too. Keep enjoying the heat before winter arrives! Hugs, Anne x

  7. It sounds like you're enjoying a nice relaxing time, and it reminded me of the time we took a trip to FL and went out on a boat in the gulf to watch a sunset and had the dolphins swimming alongside the boat! It's etched in my memory forever! Enjoy your visit with your DD!