Irobot Floor washer update

Good evening. Thought I'd come back with an update post on the cleaning gadget that we bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's an IRobot product, the model we purchased is called a Braava (some model number or other). DH unboxed it, put in batteries, hooked to the charger, etc. Let it charge for about 24 hrs (mainly cause we forgot about it). Decided I would run the little tadpole on the kitchen vinyl this morning. When we saw the display in the store, we each talked to several different sales people & none of them knew much about it. I had seen this gadget on the internet some years ago, watched some 'product videos', but because I never saw it 'in person' - as it were - I didn't want to order online, then have to pay to ship back. when I decided I'd chance it, if I could return if it didn't perform as I expected, I asked the last sales person about buying some additional cleaning pads, what kind of solution did it need for cleaning, etc. Bought some extra mop pads (it also will clean first, but I did that manually with the regular vacuum, cause I thought it would be faster). He sold me some cleaning solution that's supposed to be added in the reservoir, but the price sticker sort of obscured a name on the bottle. This morning after reading the instruction book, getting all the furniture out that I could remove, I was about ready to dump a capful of the solution in the tank, but I couldn't find anything that specified if I was to dilute the stuff or use it full strength. Hmmmm...there's a customer service number staring me in the face, and for some odd reason, I thought "I'll just call IRobot & ask them for some tips, and find out if this stuff is to be diluted". Good thing I did. Very helpful technician had me remove the sticker from this bottle, so I could read her the entire label. Wrong stuff! It is for an older model called the Scooba. She said "Do NOT use that in the Braava. It can damage the machine". Wow was I glad I had the hunch to call the company. Also got a lot of helpful tips on other products I _can_ use in the little gadget that will clean the floors. This morning it just got plain distilled water, and when it stopped running, the mop pad was pretty dirty. So I guess  it worked ok. I looked up my sales receipt as this bottle is going back to Bed, Bath & Beyond (it was $19.99 plus tax - for a small bottle). I decided to call & talk to the store manager. I explained what had happened, and also why I called him. That if his sales people keep selling this solution to anybody who buys this model of robot, there could be a lot of possibly damaged & returned merchandise. I didn't get huffy or anything like that, and tried to be very pleasant as I explained why I called him. I can get my refund for the product and didn't damage my new playtoy. so not a problem for me. The next customer may not be so lucky.I suggested he call IRobot if he wanted to verify what I had been told. On another note, I got a very nice email from IRobot this afternoon, with written instructions as to what products are safe to use in this machine. I call that pretty good customer service. Just in case you wanted to know!!!

Tomorrow we are off to the races - figuratively speaking. Actually we're going to a stamp store up in North Carolina that is participating in a shop hop. Should be fun. Made a list this evening of what Dylusions sprays I need to add to my arsenal, and found out I am missing one green color that is available. My goodness, how did that happen????Maybe I can get a card finished tonight, but it won't get posted until perhaps Sunday.

In the meantime, thanks for the visit, and Happy Saturday. Hugs.


  1. Hey Mary :)
    Good job you sorted that-I do like good customer service don't you? Sounds like your little gadget has made a good job of the floor too!
    Have a great crafty trip out,
    Nessa xx

  2. Good idea to call Bed B and B and let them know the situation. Hope you enjoy the new gadget for a long time to come.