Good evening, and I'm back to share the lovely sunset we had this evening. I grabbed my camera to try to capture what I was seeing, using different settings on the camera. Here's what I finally settled on:

Both pictures were taken at the same light changing. The top pic with a sunset setting, #2 with a dusk setting. These are different parts of the sky, but just changing camera settings. I like the first one best, as it looks more nearly like what my eye was seeing.

Our day was gloomy & drizzly off & on all day. Just before dusk, the sun peeked out from behind the trees. The rays coming down the trees were just so gleaming, but no way could I capture that with the camera...just enjoyed it as I sat & entered my new dies in the spread sheet (hopefully helping me avoid duplication! Found I've already got 2 of several). Then I got up to fix some dinner, close the blinds and saw this lovely sky. Just had to try to preserve it. Hope you'll enjoy it too. God Bless & thanks for checking in.


  1. I love sunsets and this one is a beauty... so is your card is the previous post ! Happy Sunday, Shirleyx

  2. Beautiful sunset Momma Mary! We've been having some really gorgeous sunsets as well and captured on myself just before Dwayne went into the hospital. We were very gloomy here yesterday too, with down pour last night at Bret was trying to finishing combining a field. So he was rushing to get everything put away. Hugs!!

  3. Spectacular photos. The colors of the sky are amazing.

  4. Beautiful pictures Mary!

  5. Wonderful photos, I like the fiery colors of such sunsets too!Thanks for sharing.
    I wish you a wonderful week,
    big hugs Anja

  6. Beautiful sunset, Mary! It was funny reading about your dies and doubles. My sis buys so many of doubles...stamps, punches, dies, etc. I always get the second one when she discovers it. Lucky me, huh?