Quiet Day

Good Morning, and welcome. We're still in South Florida, and I was just outside for a bit, while I enjoyed a cup of coffee. It's nice & peaceful, quiet too, except for when a noisy boat passes. It's interesting seeing the sailboats float past. Complete silence, except for the conversation we can hear from the boaters as they pass or the chink of the sail lashings if the wind rattles them. Sometimes the boaters will wave...sometimes we do too! The sparkle of the sun on the water got just a bit too bright for my eyes, even with the sunglasses on, so I came back inside, and the air conditioning felt very pleasant.

Promised the DD I would clean her floors today - only in the living areas. Her dogs make a mess with treat crumbs and dog slobber. (Dog slobber doesn't bother her, but it does me) DH ran the vacuum for me yesterday evening, and I was going to do the mopping afterwards. My spirit was willing to get started, but my body was saying "No, No, sit down & read". I'll let you guess which one won the battle. Also will clean the bathrooms. I remember when I worked, it was a real downer to have to come home and clean house. At least I'll be able to do something to help out. DD is much neater than her parents, as she keeps things tidy ( I tell myself, it's Mama's training! That's probably not so, but I tell myself that anyway...LOL)

DH is out washing the pickup and will probably pack it this afternoon. We aren't taking as much back home as we brought south - despite all the crafting shopping. I was just out in the garage and put all the stash into 2 plastic bins. I was a bit aggravated, as we had bought some Graphic 45 papers, and instead of that being bagged separately - it was in with other supplies. Good thing I discovered it, as those nice papers would have been all crumpled and wrinkled when I got home. I put the loose sheets inside a bag with some large paper packs, and it's on the bottom of one of the bins. Should be safe. That is something that annoys me when I buy loose papers...most places will package the loose papers in a flat bag & keep them separate. Oh well, can't have everything.

Thanks for visiting, and come again soon. Tomorrow we shall be traveling so the laptop will get packed tonight, and maybe I can post some pictures Monday evening. I'll try. Have a Blessed day
and enjoy whatever you may be doing this weekend. Hugs


  1. I'm in central Florida myself ...... where have you found to do your craft shopping then? The Owl and the Pussycat or Bettys Stamp Pad ... maybe as far north as Ruskin to the lovely Sparkle n' Sprinkle? Are you going to the show today at Fort Lauderdale?

    Safe trip home


  2. Y'all be careful coming home!

  3. Thank you, hun, for your lovely comments on my blog. I thought you might like to see the recipe for Chickpea/Garbanzo bean curry that I made the other night, it comes from here: I added carrot and zucchini as they needed to be used up!

    Have a safe journey home!

    love Mags B x

  4. Have a safe trip home and keep crafting with your new stash.

  5. Hi Mary,You sounds as though you have had a busy day-lucky you sitting watching the boats this morning-i would LOVE to have been out on the water today(sigh)
    Glad that you saved the papers from the crumpling-and pleased that your new crafty stash won't be taking up too much of the car on the journey home LOL!!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Nessa xxx

  6. Have a safe journey home and I shall enjoy having a virtual snoop in your bins when you get back! Hugs mrs a.

  7. Sounds like you have had a great trip Momma Mary and what a sweet momma you are! I'm glad that you checked your bags and got your Graphic 45 papers save now. I hate wrinkled paper!! lol Please travel safe and I will look forward to seeing some FL pictures! Hugs!!

  8. I know you hate to leave your daughter but coming home is also good. Be safe, get home, and get to crafting