Miscellaneous 2

Hello again. I'm back to tell you two bits of info: (1) I figured out what my blogger problem was (DUH). When I created this blog & signed onto blogger, I used a Hotmail account. (which is how my pc at home is evidently signed in!). When I created the gmail account I had been using this laptop, so apparently I was still signed in to the gmail account with accessing the blog on the laptop. I have a little book where I write all my passwords, user id-s, etc and that book goes into my laptop bag when we travel. I had scoured the book looking for the gmail info, even wrote to blogger, reset that password. I'm not sure exactly what made the bulb go off to remind me of the Hotmail account at blog creation. But when it did, my goodness -  was that an Uh_OH moment! I logged out of the gmail, logged into the Hotmail account, & boom, I can get back to all the options I needed to be able to publish some comments, delete a blog candy widget...oh happy day.  Perhaps the above will help some other struggling blogger.

Once I got this problem sorted, I went back and was able to post the draft that should have been scheduled to show up on Sunday. I'm sure when I double checked this post that I saw it as Scheduled not as a draft, but with all my goofies lately, maybe I'm just dreaming!!! So that post is below the 2 Miscellaneous posts in case you're interested!!!

(2)Then I started looking in the camera bag for the cord to connect the camera to the laptop.  I have 2 cell phone cords to keep the things charged,  a kindle cord to keep that device charged  & a connection for our old Nikon, (that DH will use at a car show cause he doesn't like the new camera). I thought for sure I had put in the cord that connects the Nikon I use to a USB port. Nope, ain't in there. It's just more of the Sunday morning leaving phenomenon I reckon.

So I will have to share some pictures when I get back home. We are having a pretty sunset sky out over the water & I snapped some shots of it.

So anyway, part of my operation is back in business. Do you ever do silly things like I've been doing lately? Guess it just shows I need to stay home where all my gadgets are, huh?

I hope your day was grand. It's very pleasant outside right now, with a lovely breeze. As soon as our lunch settles down, I think we're going to take a glass of wine out on the deck, watch the boats float by & have a glass of chilled vino.  (still didn't see the dolphins playing this morning, but DH & DD said they did - they get up much earlier than I do!) :-) Hugs


  1. Glad you sorted out the blog issues, Mary, but sorry about the cord. Sad to say, we just don't seem to have as many spark plugs as we used to have for remember a million things, do we? Oh, well! It sounds like you are having a great and relaxing vacation with stunning sunsets! How blessed!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Looking forward to your pictures. Sleeping in, huh? Don't blame you but hope you get to see those dolphins.

  3. Hah! I accidentally hit the "SIGN OUT" option on blogger comments the other day and had a dickens of a time signing back in again! Thankfully I'd written down the email addy and password and was able to retrieve it to get back in again! I have such a love/hate relationship with computers anymore, but I don't know if I'd be able to live without one anymore! LOL It's fun eh? :)

  4. I can identify with you Mary. I'm getting so forgetful. And you should see what my fingers type sometimes. Darnell would love it! I fear it's going to get worse rather than better. So I try to laugh it off. Hopefully I won't forget anything too important! Thanks for your well wishes about Jack. It's so nice to see him enjoying preschool and when he flies into my arms when I pick him up, my heart swells. It is nice to have a few extra hours a week to work on the cards. Have an enjoyable time with your daughter and a safe trip home.

  5. so glad you got it all figured out :)

  6. Everyday do I have those sorts of moments, especially where technology is concered!
    Love the card.

    Kath x