Pear Zentangle Stamp

Good Morning, and is quite cool & breezy around our community today, even though the sun is shining. We had some plants freeze over night, so we'll have to go pull them up later this afternoon.
(we did know this would happen, which is why we didn't cover them last night. I'm not spending the winter, out each night to cover up plants! These were coleus by the front steps and we knew they'd have to come out pretty soon).

I have been working on this card for several nights...and finally finished it. The card was placed on a black ground to photograph. Actual card is the background described below.

- The stamp was purchased at the September Stamp Convention. I stamped using Tuxedo Black Memento, then using 2 different Kaleidescope pads (sorry, don't remember the names of the K pads..I was just experimenting to see the effects). The gray pear was adhered with dimensional tape, so it is a bit elevated from the 2 flat pears.

In another stamping trial, I used Memento Cottage Ivy, coloring in with some Tombow Irotjen pencils. These pencils are very hard, hold a point great, but I'm finding them too waxy when laying down the color. Could be I just need more practice, but my first effort with the Derwent Colortense pencils seemed to yield a better result. I'll be back with the pencil colored stamp later.

- Background created by using a light coat of Gesso over a #90 Canson w/color paper. Let it dry, then sprayed with white linen dilutions of Orange Zext, Cut Grass and Calypso Teal. While wet, the colors were soft & pretty, but once dried, much too pale for what I wanted. Went back with the same undiluted colors, and still didn't get the usual intense color that the Dylusions create. Had to be because of the Gesso on the paper. Still it was something fun to try. The other thing about using watercolor paper as a card front, it has a tendency to curl even though it's adhered down well. I left something heavy sitting on the card overnight, also used my hand to 'curl' it the opposite way. Any suggestions?

- Sentiment is Elizabeth Craft die cut from a snippet of a pretty background created here. Overall I like the card, but I think the background should have had a stronger contrast. Oh well, I'm learning!

Have a great afternoon, and hope your weekend is off to a great start. Give a hug to someone who might need it. Here's one for you, and thanks for joining me!


  1. Beautiful card Mary. We have had a mixed day here in Scotland, with winds that is causing lots of leaves to gather everywhere. I put 7 bags in the compost bin yesterday and now my breathing is bad again. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. No idea on the curling of the paper but do love the card! Those pears are just beautiful. Sounds like a ton of work but the end result is so lovely!
    Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely card Mary, a great design. Sorry not visited for a while but had other things going on. We have not had frosts yet here in UK but we are expecting very strong gales tomorrow/monday. Stay safe and keep warm x Susan x

  4. Love this card Momma Mary! The pears are beautiful. I think your background is beautiful too, even if it isn't as intense as you wanted. Maybe try ironing on the back of your paper to flatten it back out? Don't know if it will work but it is worth a try maybe. We've only gotten a light frost, been awful windy though. Hugs!

  5. Beautiful Mary, I like the combination of soft colours and the tangled peaches :) I hope you are having a great Sunday, Shirleyx

  6. Those pears are just beautiful, Mary. Sorry you had the curling problem with the paper and hope you have a remedy soon. I haven't used watercolor paper in a while. Then, I only colored the image and didn't have a problem because I wasn't spraying anything on it. Heat setting quickly....maybe?? I just don't know.

    We had a heavy frost Friday night....guess summer is gone. Ugh! I will impatiently wait for it to return. Ha

  7. Hi Mary, Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I love the background colours on this card and what a lovely zentangle Pear stamp that is. No frosts here just lots of wind and rain, still quite mild for the time of year though. Hugs mo x

  8. I read somewhere that starying the back of the paper as well as the front helps ward off the curling.
    The article said that curl happens when one side of the paper is wet but not the other...
    Your Zentangle pears are beautiful. I know you were trying for the vibrantcy you usually get but...I like the muted colours on this one!