Good evening, and I'm back to share 2 lovely Halloween cards we received. Our Trick or Treaters are beginning to wind down, I think, and soon we'll turn off the porch light. We are still getting an occasional visitor. Some have been so cute, some look like they need to be out earning money to buy their own candy! Oh well, we do it for the little ones. At least this year everyone has been polite.

We got these 2 beauties and I wanted to share with you, along with a picture of our maple tree that I took today. We were expecting rain tonight, and I wanted to get a snap before the leaves fall off.

Gloria's Card

Inside of Gloria's card
My friend Gloria says she is learning to use copics. I think she has passed the learning curve as this very intricate design has been colored to perfection. The bat is elevated as is the spider medallion. So striking. And the inside is just as awesome. Not sure if you can pick up on all the elevated pretties, but the 31, witch, skull bottle and the poison circle are all raised features. This is so impressive. And I especially loved the orange burlap fabric behind the stamped focal image. Yep, I think she is way past the learning stage, don't you?!

Next is from my friend Candee (

Candee's Card

The 'border area' is a sort of envelope that the sentiment part of the card is stored inside. I raised up this part for display. I'm not sure what this is properly called, but it is so really pretty. Both these cards are on display on our hearth. Thanks Candee & Gloria for thinking of us with these lovely & well done cards. We have thoroughly enjoyed each one, and are thankful for such talented friends.

This is our 10 yr old maple tree that is in our front yard. It is not growing very rapidly but each year we get a blaze of color from this tree. I should have taken the picture earlier, as you can see by the ground underneath. We had rain predicted tonight, and I figured the rain would demolish a lot of these leaves. I try to snap a picture every fall. We have another newer tree in our back yard, that is called an October Glory Maple. It is supposed to be a flame red color, and so far, all we've gotten is yellow - pretty - that's true, but not the red I wanted. This tree is growing three times as fast as the one shown here, and we're beginning to think we planted it too close to the house! (been there, done that before). 

Also wanted to let some of the blog followers know that one of our Playground Friends, Redanne ( has suffered a fall; so if you're one of her following, might want to visit & leave some good wishes. Another blogger let me know of Anne's accident. Anne does fabulous takes on Tim Holtz tags, vintage altered wonders, etc, and has always been so supportive to me personally with this blog. It's a joy each time I visit to see the marvelous art she's produced. So here's hoping she recovers quickly and will soon be home, able to craft & blog again.

Goodnight, and I hope your Halloween was all you wanted it to be. Hugs


  1. Thanks fpor the heads up about Redanne...will stop by her blog tomorrow...It is almost 9pm here...we have had about 200 kids so far. Some wonderful costumes and some really scary homemade costumes and some fabulous makeup. I always like the homemade ones best...such imagination!

    That tree is lovely. I have a pretty tree in my back garden i always miss when the colour changes...will have to check it tomorrow.

    You received 2 great cards...both are so nice!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Your cards are just lovely Momma Mary, I think Candee always makes the cutest cards and Gloria-well there nothing she needs to learn cause I think she has it all down perfect!!! Love her card too! And I love that tree of yours, I wouldn't mind having a tree like that in my front yard! lol Hugs!