Mbossibility Reindeer Christmas

Hello, and welcome to you this morning. Also a big welcome to another follower, Lisa of A Mermaids Crafts. Please take a few moments and check out Lisa's great work.

My thoughts & prayers are going out to all in the Midwest who are suffering the effects of this monster ice storm moving across the country, with the extreme cold. DH talked to a friend from Oklahoma Friday afternoon, and he is expecting minus temps overnight, and had ice and snow. Fortunately he heats with a wood stove, and had just gotten a load of wood. Some areas had already lost power, and for those having health problems (and truly anyone--) the lack of heat can be a very serious problem.

This is another scheduled post, as I'm trying to get some chores done and some posts scheduled. Here is my card, and very hard to photograph it was; (we've had the drearies so not great light..but honestly, even if there had been good lighting, I doubt I could have taken a better photo! LOL)

- Mbossibility Reindeer folder, on mirror gold c/s.

- sticker from a K&Co pack (VOS = Very Old Stuff, not sure when I bought this pkg, but some years ago!)

- Elizabeth Craft sentiment sticker (which is probably a bit too small, but the next size I had was too large, so there you go! And I didn't want to use a die to cut out the sentiment and obscure the lovely swirls & furls on the embossing). That's it folks. Easy card.

The hardest part about this card was
(1) getting that Mboss folder through my Big Shot. I had broken an old style C/B a while ago, using an Mboss folder. Strictly my own fault as it appeared to go through just fine. As it was at the last of the plates, though, I heard a crack - Ooomph, no more tension on the C/B rollers. So I'm very careful when I use these thicker folders. Read the sandwich instructions when using the Mbossibilities, and then proceed carefully. I ended up taking out the B/Shot base plate after I had tried with all the tab pieces removed. Still felt too 'thick' to pass through with no problems. I used the 2 clear plates, and added a stack of chipboard shims until I felt enough tension to emboss the gold c/s. This was thick c/s that has a 'backing', which contributed to the ultimate sandwich thickness

(2) taking a photograph since the c/s was so shiny. The picture does not really do the pretty c/stock justice as it really gleams. I was pleased with this one, and it will be designated for a VIP on my card list.

Also used a little wooden easel I bought on my travels.

Thanks for joining me this morning. Be safe & warm if you are in this ice belt, and Hugs from me to you.


  1. Very pretty on the gold mirror cardstock. I know what you mean about photographing it, though...the same with my last post. I love the MBossabilities and I think I ran mine through my Grand Calibur. Your folder is beautiful.

    It is cold here, about 30 this morning..nothing like some states are having. The rain has stopped but will start again tomorrow.

    Hubby and I are doing some Christmas decorating today. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. These lovely Mbossibility folders are so detailed, and the shiny cardstock shows it off perfectly. Love the topper with the reindeer as well. This makes a really luxurious card Mary. xx

  3. I can tell it shines, shines, SHINES!!!! So pretty! I don't have any of those folders but will keep in mind to read how to use it before I put it in my little bug! VERY pretty card!

  4. I just love the mirrored cardstock, and the way you added embossing and a deer in the center makes it even more festive! The embossed deer patterns within the main panel are just fabulous!! So rich and beautiful, and I like that you broke up all the color with something a little bit darker! I found that photographing metallics work better without artificial light. Wait for a sunny day, and place them near a window with bright light and see if you don't get better results without all the reflections bouncing all over - distorting everything! Stay warm during this stormy weather! Ours will reach us within the next day or two. I'm ready for spring already! LOL

  5. A really beautiful card Mary which you've embossed beautifully. I don't use much mirror board these days but I do remember it being an absolute nightmare to photograph. Can't help you with the embossing folder stuff though - it sounds like it was a really difficult process. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Oh wow Mary, what a gorgeous creation, loving the shine and the wonderful colour! Hugs, Anne x

  7. Lovely card Mary and l always find shiny card difficult to work with, hope you and your friends stay safe and warm x Susan x

  8. Just love mirror CS, don't you, Mary!? this is a gorgeous card, which I may just have to CASE! So regal and elegant! hugs, de

  9. yikes! I don't know if my comment went or not! So here it is again - lovely card, Mary - mirror CS is the best - and your card looks regal and elegant! hugs, de

  10. This is so elegant and absolutely gorgeous!! I love that embossing's on my wish list!! What a gorgeous card!!

    I've broken a CB, too and the one I have now has two cracks in it so it won't last much longer. I have a Grand Calibur, too but I like the way the CB embosses. And to answer your question on the copper blanks...I purchased them from Joann online. They are 40% off right now, too!! They only carry the 5x7 sheets, but they are perfect for the Spellbinders folders. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Your shiny card looks really classy. That is a beautiful embossing folder. I have one of those little easels for use when I photograph my cards.
    Jean x

  12. Oh my Momma Mary, this card is stunning!! I love that embossing on the cs and the sentiment! I can see why this was a hard card to get a picture of and you got a pretty good one! I'm sure that it is much more stunning in person. I didn't know some embossing folders were so thick-live and learn. lol My heart and prayers go out to those in the midwest too. Our son in Iowa had minus digits too, but thankfully no ice. We are getting snow and supposed to get ice tonight, We won't be in the minus digits thankfully, so I don't think we will lose our electric but you never know. The weather men don't always predict to good so the generator will be on stand by just in case! Stay warm Momma Mary! Hugs!

  13. Beautiful embossing. Shinny cards are so hard to take a good photo of. I'm loving using my light box and have found it helps with taking the reflection away. Take card with the cold weather spell you are experiencing at the moment. hugs Mrs A.

  14. WOW! How elegant, Mary! This is fit for a king!

  15. well dear Mary this is superb; was interested/ sorry to hear your accident breaking the cb... very sad .. and a point to watch for us all... but love what your perseverance achieved ,well done, Shaz in oz.x

  16. It really is very pretty Mary and I bet in real life it is absolutely gorgeous. It is always hard to take good photos of shinny cards. Not too cold here but lots of rain - warmer and less rain tomorrow. I do keep my wood stove going!
    Happy Holidays Sugar!!!

  17. WOW this is absolutely stunning Mary!!! Hope you are okay and staying warm!