Bon Voyage

Hello Fellow Bloggers. It's nearly the weekend, and I'm ALWAYS ready for the weekend. Here's a quick card share for our best friend of nearly 50 years, who is taking a trip to Italy next month. I was invited along, but with the Achilles surgery recovery, I thought I might not be the fun-est of traveling companion. This was a tuff decision to say No, because Rome has been on my Bucket List ever since I read about Michaelangelo taking 4 years of lying on a scaffold to paint the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. So would love to see that. I made the right decision, based on my walking stamina. OK...I'll list the card specs; perhaps that may make it easier to see how I made this card.

Impression Obsession Cover a Card (CC015) - Gradation - stamped in Fluid Colorbox Chalk Creamy Beige
I.O. CAC (CC088) - Passport - stamped in Fluid C/box Chalk Deep Lagoon
Paper House Cardstock Stickers - STCX-0061 - Rome
Bon Voyage stamp - Michael's $1 bin - Deep Lagoon ink

I used the Acrylic Mega Mount block by Impression Obsession to mount the CAC stamps. I learned in classes with I.O. that when doing the multiple stamping with these CAC stamps for a background, to start with the lightest color, then darker. There's a good video at the I. O. website. I'm not great with using stickers, but when I saw this set, I knew exactly on what card I could use them. I used a S/Binder rectangle die to cut out the center of the cardstock front after stamping with the CAC's, embossing around the space (which doesn't show well here). I adhered a teal c/s piece (ah, those handy snippets!) underneath, then stuck the Rome sticker to that. The other stickers are places I know will get visited on the trip. Be back later with a few pictures of 'around the yard' photos. Thanks for dropping in this afternoon. Hugs.


  1. Great Bon Voyage card Mary, hope you get to visit Italy one day it has so many beautiful cities to see. Have a good weekend x Susan x

  2. Very cute! I love the collage style cards and struggle whenever I attempt to make one. My cards wind up looking too symmetrical! lol!