Hello again, and a warm welcome to 2 new followers. I have listed all you lovely bloggers who so kindly come to visit here, in a spreadsheet, and I'm trying to put all YOUR blogs in a favorite's folder (uniquely named Blogfollowers...Ha!) so that it's easier to be sure I return the favor & visit your craft spaces. Some of the names I see - don't show a blog. So if you don't see me pay a visit at your blog, please leave me a comment with your link;,then I can add your blog title to my favorites blog specific folder, also to my Excel spreadsheet. I truly do appreciate each of you taking the time to visit, sign as a follower here, and take your time to leave constructive & kind comments. That is a joy to me, as I'm sure it is to all other bloggers. I have other blogs I visit, but I want to make my first priority be to those who spend their time with me! As we all know, there's only so much time in a day...I don't always spend MY time as constructively as I should. OK..remember the tree picture I posted of the little maple in our front yard earlier in the week? Well, I noticed the tree today, and more color is happening. Thought I'd take a snap & post it here. Love those fall colors. Aside: back when 'doing your colors' was the In-thing, I had mine done. Surprisingly, I am a FALL person! Then took my 16 yr old daughter to have hers done, and that was just as much fun for me as having my own done. She's a Spring. Has my eyes, her Dad's complexion {which is fair compared to my more olive coloration}, but she tans well, as I do. Dad tends to burn in the sun. Not so surprisingly, Dad & I both have sun damage spots. The 2nd picture is of a birdhouse that was made for us. It's on a former porch post/column, but we used it to mount the birdhouse. This morning, DH noticed a woodpecker hanging on the post, and realized...Woody has drilled him a hole, and made a home. I tried to get Mr. Woody in the snapshot, but he flew off. You can see his new home about 1/2 way down the post. The birdhouse is supposed to be for bluebirds, but we only ever see the bluebirds perch on the top & the little perches. None have ever moved in it. Ya'll have a nice evening. Come again. Hugs

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  1. Don't you just love fall colors? We were able to show off our beautiful countryside to our friends from Phoenix, AZ. Love hearing the ooooohs and aaahhhhs! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments!