Good afternoon on a late Sunday. Our day started out in the middle 70's, but about 6pm, the temp has dropped about 15 degrees, and it definitely feels much colder. We also had a brief little rain shower mid-afternoon. Guess this is coming from Storm Sandy. Praying that if your area gets any weather from Sandy, you are prepared, and will be safe from harm & hopefully, damage as well. On to the card Specs:

Penny Black Hedgie Shuffle
Copic markers on Copic Xpress Paper
airbrush background, enhanced with Distress Ink Tumbled Glass, Stormy Sky
Glossy Accents on skating area
Spellbinder Matting Basics A
Blue Recollection Matting, then Heidi Grace Frost Boulevard
Blue foil embossed with Darice Holly EF
Merry Christmas & tree outline stickers colored with copics
Elizabeth Craft silver sticker for framing.

Let me tell you how I found the blue foil. (Now maybe you've already had this idea! I thought it was a brainstorm when I had it!). I had gone into our local Dollar Store, looking for some wedge makeup sponges and the little foam applicators used for applying eye shadow. Didn't have 'em. But, as I walked in the door, there was a big display of Christmas bags, small ones 3 for $1. Larger ones 2 for $1. I looked at the bright colors and thought "Hmmm, the S/Binder foil packs are pretty expensive. Wonder how this would work". Well, only a dollar, so I grabbed up a couple of the sets. The only difficulty I had, was - the bags had creases, and it didn't emboss out. So in taping it down on the card, the crease was still visible on the right side. Hence the silver strip to disguise this crease...and it wasn't really 'that bad', but I could see it. The strip did a good job, but it did not go down well at the corners. After picking it up, replacing it, multiple times, still not getting a 'neat join', I said, "That's it. I'm going with it as it is!" On the whole, I like this little I'm a PB Hedgie fan. Think I'll do this image again, try to do a more professional looking job with the strips. Also I wondered if ironing the bag on a cool setting might help with the creases. Or better yet, cut around them. It was an economy foil substitution, and I think with the bigger bags, I won't have the problem. This was one of the tiny bags, as my thought was: If I totally hose this up, I won't be wasting much!!!

Think I'll pop back over to Rudolph Day and Penny Black and More, as I think both challenges allow up to 3 entries. What fun. Check both these challenges out when you have time. Might be fun to enter if you've something that fits. Hugs.


  1. ah Mary what a great card (and yes praying for those in Sandy's storm path sounds like one serious time for them)..
    Brain wave on the foil and think bigger bags would be fine but you could also try ironing n the on steam low setting on non shiny side of bag that should work too..
    And yes am real sucker for Hedgies and you know the greeting can be changed too - the peel off say you wanted a purple one - colour the res one with a blue permanent marker and there it is purple do it while still on the peel off sheet - often change the silver and gold to different shades - silver works best,
    love Shaz in oz.x

  2. WOW!!! Now I need to check out the Dollar Store!! Of course the image is just adorable (as is your coloring) but love that blue foil - and I think the silver is a great way to frame it out!


  3. hi mary, the hedgies are adorable and the foil is very pretty! unfortunately, since there is a limit of three entries to the penny black and more challenge, this one won't be eligible for prizes.

  4. Hello Mary,

    I too am praying hurricane is not as bad as they forecast, not only for those in her path but because our eldest daughter is in New York on a school trip. When I spoke to last night it all sounded quite scary so needless to say I will be sitting glued to the news today.

    Another gorgeous card, the way you have coloured the image is very pretty. I'm afraid however this one won't be eligible for Penny Black and More challenge because you've already entered three previously which is the maximum allowed.

    Never mind, they'll be new challenge in a few days time and looking forward to seeing you back then.

    B x

  5. I have this stamp and love it. This card is superb despite what you say, I think it looks great!

    Thanks for maxing out your entries.
    Good luck in the draw.

    Sarn xxx

  6. Your PB hedgies are colored great and I love the 'grounding' you did. The blue foil bag is an inspired idea - thanks for that tip.

  7. Cute as can be Mary - good luck with the challenge - Sandra is a friend - have you seen her Sunday Roast postings? I love them.

  8. What a cute image. I love the touch of foil too. Thanks for sharing that thrifty idea. I find so many goodies at the dollar stores.

  9. Such a sweet card with the Hedgies, Mary! Brilliant you for spying those cheap bags and thinking, "Hey!" It never hurts to try, does it, and how fun when it works out. I'm sure the little crease bothered you more than whoever gets the card, but we do like to do our VERY best, don't we?! Hope you continue to be safe there and relatively dry. It looks like a real mess, sadly.

  10. Oh Mary .. .. I love the Penny Black hedgies and you have used them wonderfully.

    What a fabulous sky too.

    I hope all is good with you.

    Love Jules xx

  11. Had to pop back in response to your comment about losing your spider die. It made me laugh, Mary! Get it? Of all your dies, it was the spider what crawled away and you can't find! I may be just brain punchy from working too hard, but I enjoyed a good guffaw over that mental picture, so thanks!!

  12. I love this stamp and your coloring, Mary! The foil background is really pretty! I'll have to look for some of those bags!

  13. Great idea about the foil!!! Crafters always see the world and the things in it in a different light...imagine all the people who look at those bags and only see a bag!!!

    Great card!

  14. Delightful little hedgies, beautifully coloured.

  15. Another super cute card Mary! Love that image-too cute! I also love that great idea about the foil, I certainly can't see your crease, so you must have done a great job hiding it even if you didn't think so.

  16. love this one Mary. Just came from my blog after reading your comment, Thanks so much, Joining yours as well,
    have a super day,