SPOILER WARNING:   Just a tiny bit of enabling for my USA followers. Acting upon a tip from Miss Candee of that Hobby Lobby had some neat small Christmas punches by Fiskars, I made a trip to H/L this afternoon. Along with the router going out (IF it really did...and is not just our Provider's usual caveat that it's OUR equipment not THEM!), my glue gun died too. So after checking Walmart last evening, not finding what I thought I wanted, I decided to check out H/L. Well, got the glue gun (a dual temp one...and not the one that uses batteries). Couldn't print out my 40% coupon because of the printer issue, so I asked one of the sales assistants if there might be a spare coupon lying about. (The gun that I wanted was nearly $ the 40% off helped). He sees me in there all the time, so being a nice fella, hunted up a coupon for me on the QT. Asked him about the punches as I was not finding them. Got pointed in the right direction, and OH BOY! There was also a 40% off on all Christmas Crafts I found several Fiskar Christmas punches...along with 2 holiday border punches. So if you have a Hobby Lobby close to you, and you can find the time this afternoon, might want to give a check out on this one..if you need some more punches. (Oh YES you probably DO! Just as I did!:-) ). I expect this sale will end tonight when the store closes, so if you think you might want to get some cute punches, don't delay! Just thought you'd want to know!!! Doing my bit to help the economy....LOL. Having a beautiful day weatherwise, and got a box of New England apples sent to us by our best friend who lives near a lovely old orchard in Massachusetts. Yippee. Unfortunately, these are usually tart apples, which DH loves, but I prefer a sweeter taste. No fear, though, these won't go to waste!!! Later.


  1. So envious of all my American blogging friends who talk about these vouchers that give them huge discounts in the stores they use. No such luck here but we have tucked into a bowl of blackberries (freebies picked from the hedgerow this morning)and yogurt for tea. very yummy. Usually get given apples by next door each year but his trees haven't produced anything. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. I love Hobby Lobby Mary!!! Saved tons of money when in NM, both using the 40% off coupon and loads of goodies being on offer. I'm with Mrs A on this one - we certainly don't get the offers like that over here. Have fun with all your purchases! Di xx

  3. OMGoodness, I wish I would have saw this sooner! lol I would have went to HL and checked out the punches. Not that I NEED any more but I would have certainly WANTED more. lol I love the tarter apples to eat too Mary, but if you want a really sweet juicy apple you will have to get some Honeycrisps! They are so sweet and good! I also put them in apple pies to give that extra sweetness. So nice of your friend to send you apples from Massachusetts!