Hello again. I have received some questions about different products I've mentioned, so thought I'd take a picture of a couple of the items. (Exclude the was in place to keep the stuff from rolling all over the mat while I took a picture!) The snow writer that I use on some cards is on the left. Michael's has this product, also available online.  Next the Eclipse tape. The Twins pack holds 2 rolls, in different widths. As you can see, this one is not opened. I use the larger size roll next to it when I mask images to airbrush, etc. I've seen the Twin pack on websites, but apparently the larger tube is out of stock at all the websites where I would place orders. The tube of Kiss-off is a very good stamp cleaning product for any stamp that is really very dirty, and you just can't get it cleaned with anything else you try. It's like a glue-tube consistency. You rub it over the stamp. Then I take a stiff toothbrush - actually I bought one of the denture cleaning brushes because it's stiffer than any toothbrush I could find, yet doesn't damage the rubber. I wet the brush, rub it over the kiss-off I've just smudged over the stamp. Works up a lather of sorts. Then I wipe with a non-alcohol baby wipe or with an old washcloth that has been dampened fairly well. I repeat this process until I get the stamp as clean as I can, being sure to dry it well in between. This product was recommended to me by some of the 'old-time' stampers that I know. I get it locally, but I'm sure lots of the online stamping sites would have it also. On another note: Prayers being sent up for all those who were in the path of Storm Sandy. The tv is showing such devastation to so many people in such a large area. If you can, enjoy your day, and as always, thanks for visiting today.


  1. Mm very inters tin Mary no idea really what they are but know all about cleaning stamps soap and water and cloth or toothbrush are goo d but sounds like kiss off might do the job for really tricky things, Shaz in oz.x

  2. Hi Mary

    Always good to see what our crafty friends use in their creative moments.

    I would love a stroll around Michaels. It sounds a wonderful place.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Pretty cool items here Mary! I am liking them all, I did see the thin tape to make masks with the the stamping expo but that one was really expensive but you did get a lot. Would have been way to much for me though as I don't stamp a ton. Thanks for sharing these things with us Mary! You are such a sweetheart!

  4. Thanks Mary this is a help. xx