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Class Project-Ritz Glitter
Hi, back again with another of the Friday evening Ritz Glitter projects...not a card, but still pretty I think. We used a glass ornament that I believe Anita (Scrapbook Creations) said she found at Michaels. Again, there were several Ritz techniques that could be done on this ornament, but in the interests of class time, the students picked which technique to try. So here's the specs:
Sookwang tape - punched with a large circle punch, backing removed so as to place sticky side down on ornament. Then burnished on the other side - which has a backing also - to adhere this circle to the ornament, carefully removing any air bubbles. This is a convex surface, so the circle shape has a tendency to crease. Remove the other backing once circle is down to your liking.
Place a used dryer sheet over the sticky surface, dipsticky part of ornament in Ritz Glitter of your color choice. Brush off excess, burnish well. Then dip again in a white Ritz as the dryer sheet has 'holes' which will collect more Ritz - to give a sort of halo effect. (You can see where the white shows on the red at the bottom of the decoration). Burnish again. The burnishing causes the glitter to adhere so well, that it won't come off later as other glitters will.
After removing the dryer sheet, place an Elizabeth Craft sticker on the glittered surface, smoothing to remove creases. Remove center part of the sticker, dip in gold glitter. Now you could remove the inner petals - first to glitter the leaves. Then remove to glitter the poinsettia petals. I chose to only glitter the center. I removed the inner petals, then colored with copics. There was another technique, sans the dryer sheet, which gave a more translucent look. I plan to get some of the glass ornaments, try that technique. Hope you enjoyed this share, and I HOPE I got all the technique steps described accurately & didn't cause confusion with how I described the process. There's lots of Youtubes available on this Ritz Glitter stuff, and it is much fun to do. No matter how much you think you 'mess up', it still turns out lovely. Each student had some sort of wailing about something that didn't look like our example, and truly, everyone's turned out beautiful! Thanks for dropping by to visit. Catch you later!


  1. WOWSERS!!!! So creative and beautiful! I'd have these all over my trees. So very pretty, Mary!

  2. Oh my!! I really need to learn how to do this!! What great Christmas gifts. You did a wonderful job!

  3. Wow! This is gorgeous and creative! Thanks for sharing and I think these will make wonderful gifts.

  4. Very cool. I love making ornaments with's always so pretty.

  5. What a pretty ornament! That class sounds like fun!

  6. Wow Mary this is a beautiful ornament! I'm not sure I understood how you did it, but the results are amazing! I'm sure it will look fabulous on your tree!

  7. Hi Mary,
    Beautiful, just beautiful. Just catching up on evryones blogs. Needed to downtime last week and go off air. Too much going on at home to do both. Will send a newsy email along shortly explaining. Hugs my friend. Mrs A.