Good afternoon and thanks for joining me for a little chat. I've just spent some time blog surfing and especially trying to visit those of you who visit me. While I'm thinking of it, I wanted to suggest that those of you who have word verification turned on at your blogs, might think about setting the default of that verification off. I tried to leave comments at several blogs, but after trying numerous times to type in the correct word that I saw, not having verifier accept it, I finally had to leave without commenting on some very pretty cards. If I could find an email to contact, I copied & pasted my comment in an email. I like to pay the courtesy of returning a visit to anyone who is kind enough to come spend time with me. However, like most of you -- I have a limited time to spend surfing, commenting, etc. (and being basically a lazy person anyway!). When I have to try several times to leave a comment, can't, then I hop on to the next blog. Anyway, just sayin', if you don't see me leaving a comment at your blog, that may be why! I have been trying to spend a little more - much needed time - cleaning up my stamping clutter. Have not made much of a dint in it sad to say. I've also been coloring some images that need to get put on cards. This morning Mr. DH asked if I had made up some Halloween cards to send to some of his buddies. Told him, Nope, I have images ready, but you must help decide what to do with them. This is because he saw my cards that are ready to be put in addressed & stamped envelopes spread out on the kitchen table. He was getting ready to lay claim to a couple of those, and I said "Oh No you don't! Those are all spoken for". So perhaps this afternoon....hmm? He's been a little on the puny side since Sunday..thinking maybe it's a cold coming on. No sniffles, just a headache, snuffy head feeling. I've kept my distance except for TLC with regard to eating, hot tea & such. Hope to post something later on today. Just thought I'd pop in with this fast pst, as I have spent most of the early afternoon trying to play catchup on visiting blogs. Wanted to leave my thoughts on the word verification. I didn't know about this being the default setting when I first started this blog, and a visitor kindly told me it can discourage comments. You can leave the moderate comments set to on, if you wish, and use that to filter out anything you don't want to post. I've found that all my visitors have been so supportive, encouraging and leave such kind comments, it's not been a problem at this site. Anyway...enjoy your afternoon. Hugs.


  1. Hi Mary...thank you so much for visiting my blog today and commenting on my Halloween card. It was fun making it. I agree with you about the comment verification. It can be difficult. But, I wanted to share something with you that you may not know...I didn't until it hit me in the head like a brick. Sometimes, with the verification, there is a picture next to it, with numbers in have to type in those numbers in the picture as a separate word...sometimes it's before the word, sometimes after, but it needs to be typed too. The first time I saw it, I tried like 20 times to leave a comment for someone, and never saw it, then the next person I went to had it as well, and that's when the brick hit I hope this helps.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, Mary. I have had a bad cold for the last week - not like me, I normally fight them off more quickly. I have to agree with you about comment verification. I hate it with a passion and it wastes so much of our time! Good luck with the sorting out

  3. I have the same trouble, Mary. I really do hate not leaving comments when people come over to comment on my blog, but sometimes I just can't. I will normally try 6 times before giving up. Also, some of the word verifications are way fussier than others, making them even more difficult. Anyone having a Blogger blog can easily just set their selection to comment moderation, thus eliminating spammers... Thanks for bringing up the subject!

  4. Hi Mary, good post. I, too, struggle with word verification, probably more than others because of being dyslexic. I have comment moderation set and that works very well, particularly in filtering out anonymous comments which are rarely anything more than spam - I take great pleasure in deleting these.

    Normally, I don't do much more than ensure that we have Halloween candy for the very few trick or treaters who come knocking here, but this year my Mr DH has persuaded me to make a tag for our granddaughter and a couple of cards for the neighbour's children. They love dressing up and always pop over every year to let us see their costumes and, of course, get their treat :)

    Hope you made good progress with your stamp cleaning and I wish your DH a speedy recovery. Elizabeth xx