Hi again. Second post of the day. Reason: Just followed a link to this nifty blogger who is celebrating her 2nd blogaversary & reaching 200 followers. She's offering 2 different blog candies that will go two lucky followers. Just thought you'd want to know! Here's the link:
Now to see if I can get some pictures of the candies you might win:

So when you have time to blog surf, you might would enjoy checking out this blog, becoming a follower and winning some lovely candy. I just love to be an enabler!!!
Enjoyed my time visiting with my Thursday stamp group today. Did I accomplish anything? Well, no, but I saw some really awesome talent at work. It was great to get out with crafty folks once again. Til next time, thanks, as always for dropping in to visit.


  1. Good morning Mary, Thank you for the Link always good to see other blogs, and maybe win something!!!! xx

  2. Hi honey. Wow what fab candy will take a look . Thanks for letting us know. Hugs xx