Penny Black Stamp win
Hi there, and I'm back to share some pictures. The 2 stamps are sweet Penny Black stamps that I got from leaving a comment at the PB blog recently. I had commented that I'd love to see how the little girl with the bird in her hand would color with copics, and was a random select winner! YIPPEE. I was excited to be notified that I'd get the stamp. When the package arrived, to my surprise, there were TWO stamps of the little sweet girl. Now I don't usually go for 'cutesy' (I like them when others color & make cards, but I'm not drawn to try & color myself). But these little beauties are not cutesy to me...just sweet. And I hope that tonight, I can get the little girl with the bird in her hand, stamped and colored, and submitted at their blog and also the UK Penny Black & More blog. That's a new one that a fellow blogger was kind enough to give me a heads up on.
THEN...I decided to share what it is beginning to look like around our neighborhood here in the Upstate SC area. The maple tree is about 10 yrs old, planted when we built the house. It's not very large, is it? But as you can see, it is starting to develope a bit of color. In a few weeks it will be totally gorgeous. I think this was called a Sunset Maple when it was put in. We had 2, but the prettier shaped one only made it about 5 yrs, then a strong wind broke it off at the trunk. We replaced that one with an October Glory Maple, which really turns a flaming red color, but that one is still quite green. It is growing upward, but not getting a round shape. The other trees are what we see from our front porch, and as you can see, the tops are beginning to get a bit of red & brown. This area will be glorious to see in just a week or two...IF we don't get a lot of heavy rain. Then the trees shed their leaves, and we don't get the glorious Fall colors. That's one of the things I enjoy in this area, as for so many years in Fla, we never saw this blaze of glory. Thanks for stopping to visit, and a BIG Welcome to my newest follower. See you later, and hope you enjoy the tree pics.

Maple Tree in our front lawn

Neighborhood trees across the street


  1. Lucky you Mary, they are lovely stamps x Susan x

  2. Congratulations on winning some stamps, Mary. I look forward to seeing your finished product. I had a go colouring the little girl with the bird the other day - not my usual style but as you said a very sweet stamp. I wasn't totally happy with my colour choices so might have another go before I post one on my blog.

  3. What sweet stamps Mary! Congrats on winning them my friend. Yes, I am so behind in visiting my blogs I like to visit. So I am trying to play catch up here this evening. I am loving the leaves changing. We are just a tad further along in our leaves changing, about 20 percent. Then the really cold air last night really brought the colors out. I so love seeing the leaves change! Can't wait to see your sweet stamps colored my friend!

  4. How lucky you are! I don't go in for the cutesy either but I love these. Wish you lived close enough to do Stamp & Share!

  5. hi mary, congratulations! they're very sweet stamps and hey, you might eventually want to try cutesy. :)