Good evening, and once again, welcome to 2 new followers. I don't have a card ready to share yet. Wanted to do a post regarding the Halloween card that DH made, with the intricate die cut. The die is a Cheery Lynn die, called Enchanted Flight, available here. Other online sites sell these dies as well.

A source for the Alene's Easy Flow Tacky Glue can be found here.   There's other places that carry it I'm sure. I got a large bottle at the stamp place where I buy supplies, along with some smaller $1.00 size empty bottles. I put about 2-4 oz. from the larger bottle into the small bottle. My large bottle is stored on it's side, as is the small bottle which I have been using. It has lasted a long time, because as you're gluing along a line, you don't have to run a steady bead of glue. You can put a little bit - skip over a spot, then lay down another bead of glue. I've never had a problem with anything coming undone, it dries clear,comes out in an 'easy flow' and has never warped whatever I've glued down. (I have trouble with some bottle glues.  I don't have arthritis in my hands, yet still can't get the liquid to flow easily). If I'm gluing on a tiny piece, and get some blobs where I don't want, I blot with paper towel. I learned about this glue in a class & the instructor gave us the tip about not using so much. Now, for what it's worth I have been told this Easy Flow glue is the same as Alene's Tacky glue, just more watered down. Dunno if this is fact. I will say this glue is the best one I've used to date; as long as I remember to lay the bottle on its side, I've never had to unclog it. I have to do that with my glossy accents - which is also a very good glue. I store the glossy accents in an 'upside down' position - still clogs. I've tried leaving it sideways...still clogs - then I have to stick a pin in the nozzle to unclog the tip. This is definitely not a paid endorsement, but I know that when another stamper tells me they've had good luck with a product, I'm more apt to try it. Same with online buying sites. I always appreciate good tips on products/websites, so will pass along things that work for me. May not work as well for someone else...So have a lovely evening. See you later, and thanks for stopping in for a visit.

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  1. hi mary, my glossy accents always clog. i coloured the stampendous image with coloured pencils if that helps.