Hello once again, and on my last post, I missed saying Welcome to another lovely follower. Guess I was too engrossed in trying to figure out how to add & where to place all the pictures I submitted for WOYWW day. There is a lovely Blog Buddy named Darnell K. who is celebrating a wedding Anniversary today. The Playground crew decided it would be lovely if we all made a card to celebrate this Big Event with Darnell & Mr. (and if you have time to pay a visit to Darnell's blog she not only has gorgeous cards, words of wisdom AND humor, but some sweet pictures of the 2 of them - 'back then' me, you'll enjoy the visit!). So Darnell this one's for you & Mr. Have a LOVELY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Many hugs
Gosh I had this picture embedded and realized I had not cropped or added the "created by" logon as I usually do so had to save the post as a draft, zip over to Ippicy and do the editing, zip back, hoping that I still had my post. Placing my pictures where I want them spaced in the post is not always working just as I want it to either. I'm making them smaller and sometimes I'm finding, you can double click and enlarge - sometimes not. In Google Chrome, I've learned that you only click once, and (hopefully) the pic will enlarge. So I'm on another learning curve! I wanted to be sure to get this posted to say the HAPPYS to Darnell & Mr, though. So again, have a grand day to all my lovely followers, a Warm Welcome to the newest follower and see ya next time. Ya'll come back, now heah? Hugs
Edit: There is a neat video here by Mr. Memory Box Dave B., showing how to do this die with glitters. I didn't do the card 'exactly' as Dave did, but I got the idea from him. Thought I'd best return and give credit where credit is due...<smile>. I used 3 Ritz Glitter colors on the heart, sookwang on a cardbase to cut the MB die, an Mbossibility folder on the white part, C/B emboss on the bottom Glitter Sheetz. Had the sentiment as a rectangle, thought it'd look better with rounded corners, then afterwards, realized I'd lost part of the Y. Too late in the wee hours & only noticed the boo-boo after it was stuck down. So I was too! <g>


  1. What a beautiful card, and a lovely thought for Darnell and her Mr.


  2. What a gorgeous card. I love the silver filigree heart and all the wonderful glimmer and shimmer!
    A sparkly card for a sparkly girl and her DH!

  3. I think this is magnificent, really great. xxx

  4. What a beautiful, sparkling heart, Mary! I'm sure Darnell will love it! I know what you mean about that learning curve on the computer. And then, once you get the hang of something, they change it again!

  5. Oh, yes, Darnell DEFINITELY loves this sparkly heart, Mary! Your card is STAHunning and happily pinned to the special Pinterest board I set up. Sorry I haven't had a chance to come by until now.

    Mister and I have been quite overwhelmed by all the wonderful wishes. And I am so, so appreciative of this special designated post, special card, and all the wonderful things you said about me. Mwah!

    I hope you get your photo stuff sorted out soon. I've now traitored up and installed Chrome (grrr) AND Firefox and am juggling the three engines and it's causing a lot of sputtering, I can tell you. Chrome puts the picture in but messes up the double space between paragraphs. This technology should be getting easier and smoother, not blank and blank! I'm just saying. But who asked me, ha!

    I hope you get a chance to hook up one of your wedding photos, or early photo of the two of you, on Ardyth's blog. It's so fun! Just take a picture of the photo if that's easiest.

    Oh, and can you let me know the month and day of your wedding so I can return the flavor of congratulations in a comment to you on your anniversary? Please.

    I'm off for a quick check of your WOYWW post which I caught a glimpse of below. Thank you again, Mary!! Mwah! Darnell

  6. Hi Mary

    Loving that heart!!! You have made a beautiful card with it.

    It is definitely going to have to go to the top of the "one day I would like" list!!!

    Hope all is good with you.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Wow Mary, this card is gorgeous! I love that heart and all the glitter on it!! The embossing is fabulous my friend!! Your cards always amaze me, you do such wonderful work! Hugs!

  8. beautiful! i love the intricate MB heart and the glitter against the white embossed background.