Area beside my desk
Good morning and thanks for dropping by to visit. I wrote about a posting picture problem I encountered yesterday, and got so many good responses. Thank you again to all who took time to either post a suggestion or email me. Yesterday I used my regular routine of starting a post using Internet Explorer. The post defaults to compose mode (the tool bar at the top of the post when a new post is begun), then switched to the HTML to link in the picture. Then I was able to see a browse button, and browse to the particular file on my pc that I wanted to insert in the post. Then switched back to COMPOSE mode to write the post. Worked fine...once I knew to do that!
Area in front of the desk with all the 6x6 paper & other mess
A couple of suggestions were to update Google Chrome. I had Chrome on the pc, but don't use it. So today I thought I'd see what that little guy did. I didn't exactly 'update' Chrome, but just opened it, (didn't see Favorites which is how I usually get to my blog & everyone else' I had to think of the entire blogname..and I've not yet had my coffee LOL). Got to the site, selected new post from the menu, and immediately tried to insert my pictures that I wanted to use. Worked just fine, with no switching back & forth between Compose & HTML. Go figure...Anyway, I've written about the total chaos in my stamping area, so I took some pictures the other night. My rationale is if I share this mess, I will have to post some updates as to what I'm doing to get it under control. I DID get my desk sorta - kinda - cleaned off from the Christmas card making, so I'll try to enter the WOYWW this week. Hey, I just found I can have Google & IE opened at the same time and get to my favorites...Woohoo. Gotta run, got a dental appt at 10:30, and have to get presentable. Thanks as always for visiting, have a wonderful Tuesday, and I hope my explanation above will help anyone else who encounters this picture problem in posting. Hugs & Blessings.


  1. Glad to see you got your computer glitch worked out! Can't wait to see the organization now!
    Sorry I haven't e-mailed - just been so very sick. Will check in with you later.

  2. Glad you got it sorted one way or another and I still have my IE on hand if needed but at the moment I am sticking with Chrome as I feel it works faster, like you though I don't have my favorites showing YET but after meeting a lovely blogging friend this weekend maybe she can show me what to do.
    Hope dentist went well.

    Kath x

    PS glad to see that someone else has a mess like me, lol.

  3. Yay, so happy that you got pics to post Mary! I have Google Chrome on my pc, but don't use it. I will have to give it a try and see what happens. Now I am trying to slowly get my mess cleaned up from Christmas too. lol I need to reorganize as well but not sure how I want to do that, so it's a good bet it might not happen. We will see! lol Good luck with your organization my friend. Hugs!

  4. Thank you for sharing the solution to your picture problem. When you wrote about it last, I felt so badly for you as it is so frustrating to have a blogger problem...especially in mid post!
    Thanks for the update on the solution. We will all probably have the same problems soon if it is anything like the blogger photo storage seemed to race through tout little community like a wildfire!

    I think you will soon have your space sorted to the way you like...I agree with you about posting it for everyone to see...I did that before Christmas and it spurred me on to get my sort out finished...I find that re organizing anything always makes a bigger mess to begin with anyway! Bt when you are done...oh....the joy!