As promised, back I am to participate in WOYWW and share some pictures of my work area. WARNING: Very messy! Enter at your own risk. Owner/Proprietor assumes no responsibility for shocks! LOL. I know from seeing some other work areas, that there are a lot of neat/organized people out there in blogland. I'm not one of 'em! LOL again. Here goes:

Experiment in progress- note brayer

Where I sit to color
Next is a brayer experiment I've worked on...not happy with the way the brayer part looked.

I had some packaging acetate that I was trying some alcohol inks on. This is turning out better than the brayer effort.
I've been moving embossing folders out of their original package. These were stored in some of the bins pictured here, and with the packing, took up too much room, plus I had to search through several boxes looking for one. I decided to use a white piece of c/s cut to the folder size, write pertinent data on the c/s, emboss the c/s & keep the sample in the folder. Also trying to put these folders in the narrow bins by category. I have a lot of the blue C/bug binders (pictured here), again, folders in no particular order. I'm going through those binders - separating out folders by theme, and many will go in the narrow bins. The border E/Fs are hard to store, as they fall off the sample. I decided I would keep those border E/F's in the blue binders, so this one which I have labeled, has all the border E/F's that I've searched out to date. You can see a sample of the inside of the blue binder, plus the bins, with a labeled white c/s. I hope this makes sense!

After I posted the card I did with the paper napkin technique, I received a note from this lovely lady, Miss Mary M. Mary asked for my address and sent me some of the loveliest paper napkins. There are far too many for me to ever use up, so I'm going to include some of these sweet tidbits in the blog candy that is coming soon. (you can see a glimpse of some other goodies too!) I have some napkins that I'm going to send out Miss Mary's way, and I'll also include some of those with the candy bundle. Hope this appeals to some of you! Anyway, that is my share for WOYWW. I almost didn't make it. Our area is getting some high winds this afternoon, and now in the early evening, we are getting rain squalls. I just saw that there have been some tornadoes to the south of our area, down in Atlanta, Ga. So if you are in the path of these storms, I hope & pray you & yours will be safely sheltered. Again, thanks for joining me...and I wonder if anyone knows how to arrange the images so they fit on the page properly. I used small, tried to do right, center & left options. The dang pictures won't stay where I want'em, and forget trying to do a caption. That messes it up even further- so I gave up THAT idea! LOL.


  1. Thank you for the toddle round your cosy play area Mary. Super work with the brayer - and a few of us in the Uk would fight for a chance at some of those lovely napkins - ours over here are pretty dull by comparison :(

    Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xxx

  2. Aw, I just spotted you cute little mouse praying to the bottom left of your blog............soooooo sweet :))

    Di xx

  3. Hi Mary, I enjoyed being shown around your craft room - it's not that bad, quite comfy looking in fact. Those paper napkins are gorgeous - Miss Mary has indeed been most generous. We've had high winds and rain for much of the day but it seems to have calmed down now - it's late - 11.30pm our time. Can't help you with the photographs - the minute I try to move them around, I get in a right old mess so I just leave well alone - I know when Blogger has me beaten :)) Hope you've had a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #71

  4. Hi Mary, I have not joined in this week but just came by to say hello. The brayering looks really good and those napkins are gorgeous. I wish I could help with the photo issue, I have the same problem! Anne x

  5. ha ha, I have days where my clean up towel looks better than my artwork, oh well, thanks for giving us a peek at your space! Happy WOYWW Lindsay #137

  6. You are really getting organized Mary! I'm a little jealous! lol Not really, glad that you are getting things done, you are doing better than me! Love your areas, looks like you are nice an comfy when coloring. I like that! We have had very high winds today too and this afternoon and night we had some heavy downpours. I have saw where the tornados are stretching all along the south. Hope everyone stays safe!! We have flash flooding warnings up until tomorrow afternoon.

  7. Thanks for the tour, I love my corner of the sofa, and tend to do a lot of pencil work there too.
    Krisha #109

  8. Didn't join in WOYWW this week but stopped by to see your progress...You are doing so great! Those narrow EB are a pain to store, aren't they...i just need to learn how to use them without having to sut them seperately and then glue them down...I always get edges on my card itself:(

    Your room is looking so are condensing your like items and that is a good thing. I just did all my EB but kept the chopped down version of the pifture and name till i get that part sorted...can't decide if I will just label the EB manufacturer and design name with my label gun or do the sample sheet like you did and store inside...Do you then write the name and manufacturer on your sample sheet?
    Your couch looks nice and comfy to curl and colour in. That way you can watch TV and colour too!

  9. Hi, Seems everyone is doing a bit of reorganizing in their craft room....must be the new year!!!!
    Have a good week
    Julie 142

  10. I redesigned my embossing system also...I took my Rolodex, and embossed them and filed the embossing folders in random order with a number...all I put on the Rolex crd is that number so I could find that folder quickly. Love your napkins! Going now to read your technique.

    Hugs, Robin #110

  11. Gonna set up a colouring corner on my sofa!!!
    Should blend it in with the knitting / crocheting / stitching - you won't be able to find me soon!!
    Honestly though, I never thought of colouring while himself watches telly.

  12. I think the brayer work turned out lovely! You have some cute graphics scattered around your blog. I'm a bit late desk hopping... Happy WOYWW! Nan 107

  13. Thank you for your visit today, and your kind comments. A lot of people have been intrigued with the acetate bits and pieces, so I might do a post soon explaining what I do. I love what you have done with those paper napkins, and I especially love the pansies, one of my favourite flowers. Have a good week. xx Maggie #11

  14. You look pretty organized to me. I like how you are storing and organizing your folders and borders. I have to go find that napkin post now. April #101

  15. Ha, next time I drive through SC, I'm stopping off at your place and relieving you of a few of those embossing folders! I think you have too many, lol! I agree, they're a pain to store. Lovely napkins you received, a UK craft magazine had a brilliant article on using them last year, they looked so good.

    Brenda 91

  16. Hi there Mary - such an interesting post - just back from your friends blog too and saw here what she sent you..

    ..and also think the organistaion is very clever (but smiled at what Brenda said too) cos thought wow I thought I had a lot..

    - not sure why you dont like that effort with the brayer.

    I really love it - great work!!.

    Thanks so much for popping over with all your cheering comments you make my day.. great share, Shaz in oz.x

  17. My goodness Mary that all looks very interesting.

  18. Well Mary, I know we are our worst critics, but I can't fault the card that you've brayered colour onto - looks lovely from here!

  19. Oh, I know just what you mean about the pictures! If I even try to move one of them they all end up messed up! I've figured out if I just write my first part and then upload all my pictures at once and carefully type in the space between them, never resizing or moving them from center alignment or trying to rearrange their order(which means I have to upload them in the order I want them to appear in), then they seem to look okay. At least from my end they look okay! lol If I mess up at any stage in that process I have to start all over again! And I really am computer savvy! Honest! :) They just don't make it user friendly, do they? Anyways, just making my return didn't leave a number so I thought perhaps you didn't participate this week...but I've since sussed out that you did participate! Brilliant, right?! lol Thanks for sharing all the pics with us. I hope your re-org goes well there. I ended up just sticking all my big folders, in two stacks, right underneath my BigShot...but I think I have a few less than you! lol :) Have a great week, Deeyll #164