Big golden moon, with golden path on the water
Good evening and welcome back to my SC blog home! I haven't gotten anything of constructive nature done today. (does laundry count?). I did get a little nap this afternoon, quite late. It was gloomy & gray here, and we drove home on a 12 hr drive with about 6 hrs of rain or misty rain or misty rain & fog. I'm glad we had our Guardian Angel riding along with us. Don't have any cards made to share tonight (must go work on one when I finish this post though). So I thought I'd share a couple photos that I took while in Fla. and just downloaded. I'm really disappointed in the night one of the moon. That was such a wondrous site and my skills are just not up to capturing it. I did a night/landscape setting, still didn't work for me. Anyway, you can see where we sat & watched the dolphins playing in the water, and my loved ones on the dock. And the granddogs. The island that is out in the water is a bird sanctuary, and we also watched flocks of birds fly off in the morning, and they would return in the evening. It is a very pretty place. Houses are very close together...not much lawn. Our kids are seldom home except at night, so they don't mind the closeness. Less yardwork to have to do! Hope you will enjoy the pics. Hope to be back with a card - maybe tomorrow? In the meantime, thanks for stopping in to visit. I made these pictures smaller so they won't take up as much room, so you won't be able to double click and enlarge as usual. Just to give you an idea of where we were at Christmas time.

Joe,Jon, Dana on dock

Waterview from the deck

Granddog Reilly on deck
Granddogs at fence


  1. Glad you had a good time visiting, glad that you made it back safely and even more glad that you'll be making some cards again!
    Welcome Home!

  2. Glad to here you are back home and cardmaking will be resuming! teehee

    It looks goreous at your daughters island. I think i could love with the houses being close together if i lived on waterfront!

  3. Happy New Year Mary. What a wonderful place you spent your Christmas time at. Thank you for visiting my blog. Now I can follow you. Lynn x

  4. I, too, am glad your angels were riding with you on that arduous trip, and that you are home safe and sound, Mary! Thank you for sharing the great photos! Other than the moon shot (which still looks awesome), I was able to click the pictures and see the full-size version. Their place seems like a fantastic place to live and to spend your Christmas!

    (Aside: my new pals and I just had a "meet and greet" and went out to lunch yesterday. No makes this time, but we will be getting together again.)

  5. Hi Mary! Looks like our Christmas' were almost reversed. I left south Florida and headed to North Carolina. It was cold and wet and I was so, so happy to get back to Florida! Sebastian seems to be doing really well since his surgery! He loves all the things little boys love, dogs, dinosaurs, spiderman, video games,sports, etc. He loves to color and since the doctors want him to practice bending his arm that may be a sneaky way for him to get in some arm exercises. Thank you so much for showing him so much kindness!

  6. Great photos, Mary! Glad you made a safe trip back at home! I wish you all the best for the year 2013!! Hugs

  7. Love thie pics Mary! I think you got a pretty good picture of the moon shining off the water! Love the other pics too, looks like you guys had a great time, but glad that you are back home safe and sound!! Hugs!