Hello Bloggers and OH THANK YOU to the lovely & so Blog-talented folks who were kind enough to take the time to share their knowledge of how to fix this problem I had this morning. Two of you that I read your emails first were ValeryAnne & Brenda. Ladies, you're the greatest. There were several others who offered the same suggestions, and some different things. I opened Valery's & Brenda's first, they both gave the same instructions (which my tired brain was able to follow) so here's my card! YIPPEE. I was getting frustrated this morning, trying to think if I'd changed something on the pc (didn't remember changing anything, but sometimes that stupid cookie setting can mess up stuff...GRRRR). I had my opthamology appt this afternoon, & my allergy clinic is on the same path, so decided to get my allergy shot, do my 30 minute wait, grab a quick bite of late lunch, then off to the eye guy to get a stitch out. Didn't even feel when he did it, but I can tell now...just a bit sore-ish. Nothing bad. Also just drove myself at dark, and didn't like that either. Which is one of the reasons I had this surgery...I was noticing that I'm not reading street signs as fast or as sharply as I wish to. Well, we'll see how it improves, and maybe I'll get the right eye done in about a month. Oh by the way, remember my hunt for old pre-lasik eye measurements..which I was POSITIVE I had gotten 2 yrs ago? And nowhere could I find this info after searching through where I keep such records...about 5 times...taking everything out of folders, to no avail. Dr. office said they didn't have, yet my daughter remembered me saying I took to the office. Well, the evening before we headed south, I was filing some stuff like bills I had epaid, receipts, what-not. Guess what I found? Yep, right where I had looked multiple times. DH said - quickly and somewhat defensively - "I didn't put it there". Well, of course he didn't! He wouldn't have known what I was looking for anyway, but he did offer to help me look the night I was tearing my hair out looking for the dratted stuff. Personally, I believe in angels, and I think that is what happened! (and kidding aside, I've had things like this occur before. A natural reason for it to occur? Well, maybe, but I know how hard I looked for this stuff.) Anyway, made a copy and gave it in the dr's hands to put in my folder, and he said the measurements had changed, but we still are ok. But will help with the right eye if I decide to go ahead. Sorry, just had to vent here a little bit!

Here's the card specs: I am still trying to do the Heather Telford sponging technique, still not getting to my satisfaction. This time I used a splotchy dot stamp (think it is Hampton Art from Michaels), that had a sort of snow pattern look. I used Versamark & stamped it on the top part of the cardstock, masking the bottom. Next sponged on Memento Summer Sky just across the top, then sponged very lightly with Bahama Blue to darken the corners. Using a curvy template I started sponging again with Summer Sky, trying for the snow-mound look. The tree stamp was first inked with Versamark, stamped using a stamp positioner while I stamped. Reinked with Memento Norfolk Pine, still had the positioner in place, tried to move it down just a smidge before I restamped. Did this with all 3 trees. (Edit: Forgot to say I heat embossed the trees with Ranger Fine Detail Clear after stamping the green tree over the Versamark tree...supposed to look like snow. Heather's does...not sure mine does so much! LOL).  Then saw 2 of the Memory Box Deer Trio 98166 left over pieces from Christmas cards (AH, a SNIPPET!) I decided to add the deer. Deer had been stamped on cream cardstock, which didn't look too great on the 'snow', so I colored with copics in light W grays, then with a couple of the E earth markers to get a 'winter deer coat' look. Adhered the deer with SU pop-dots, then used a Memento London Fog gray marker to get their footprints in the snow. I haven't seen all those lovely ladies at the Playground for a long time. Hmmm...wonder if anybody is around ....I need some playtime! Hope you'll join me there. Let's see if I can link up properly. Thanks for joining me, and listening to this much-too long post. Hugs & Blessings.


  1. Hey Sweetie,
    First I must tell you, that I not only believe in angels, I know them to exist, as it says so in the bible..that being said, somebody knew you needed those papers, and placed them there for you at just the right time. As for your card, I think it's just lovely, and if you're like me, you may never be 100% satisfied with any of them...but that's what makes us grow huh?

    BIG hugs hun, and prayers for a speedy recovery.


  2. Lovely card...I am amazed that you thought to do the footprints in the snow...what a great idea that was.

    You did a great job...even colouring the deer to they co-ordinated correctly! Isn't it amazing how many different shade of ivory and white there actually are?

  3. I love your attention to detail. Glad you found the papers and that your eye doc apt wasn't too bad.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. Oh wow Mary, a really stunning card. As Maureen says, so clever to even think to do the footprints in the snow.

    Hope you're recovering day by day, hugs, Di xx

  5. Wow! This card is amazing Mary! I love the details in it. The hills of snow, the snow in the sky, the deer tracts, everything! You have such a good eye for making cards Mary!! Oh and glad that you found your paper and the doc has it now my friend. Also glad that you couldn't feel when the doc took your stitch out, but sorry it is a tad bit sore now. Take care my friend-Hugs!!

  6. Well going to try this again Mary. lol I commented but it didn't go through for some reason. I love, love this card and all the details that are in it! You are amazing with details!! And not only does this card have a ton of details but it looks so dimentional as well! Yes Mary, I totally believe in Angels! I think your Angel put your papers there so you could find them. I know when I can't find what I'm looking for I pray to St. Anthony and he has never failed me yet! Oh yes, I believe!!! Glad all went well with getting the stitch out your eye my friend, now I hope you eye is feeling better! Hugs!!

  7. i think your sponging looks lovely and i love the dimension of the deer. you'll be way ahead of the christmas card rush for next year.

  8. GORGEOUS snippety spongy make! xxxx

  9. Gorgeous card. Love the deer. Hugs, Amanda x