Hello again, and here's the post on the stamp positioner I used in making the sponged snowfall cards, using the versamark & overstamping. This is a stamp-a-majig with the plastic template that comes when you buy the tool. (Except I've misplaced mine, so I cut a piece of plastic from the Spellbinders packaging, cut to an accurate square using my Genesis cutter and it works just fine). To start, position the T-square of the tool against the square corner of the template. Ink your stamp and stamp on the template, having the stamp squared in the corner tool as shown in picture 2. If using clear, you'll be able to position the acrylic block the same way.

Next take your template to the project where you wish to stamp, position the template, butt the tool up square against the template on your project. Ink your stamp, gently move the template - without disturbing the positioner, and put your stamp in the corner, just as in the picture 3 here, stamping down firmly.

If you don't get a good impression, as long as you've left the positioner in place, you can reink, restamp & this is very helpful. Practice makes perfect and I don't practice with this tool enough. It is essential, though, when trying to do the overstamping...and sometimes I STILL don't get it just right, as I move the positioner down just a smidge too far from where I wanted it to be when I do the 'real' image stamping.

Other companies make this tool...I think Stampin Up has one. There is a clear acrylic one, that is sort of small T-square.  I hope this is helpful. Sorry some of the pictures are not real sharp, but I was working at night, under my desk fluorescent light. But maybe you will get the idea anyway. I thought if some of the readers had a question about what tool I was using & how, maybe somebody else might as well.  BTW I used Google Chrome to do this post, and can add pictures from my hard drive as I was doing before - when I was using Internet Explorer. I didn't have to switch back and forth between the COMPOSE and HTML options to be able to browse to the pictures on my hard drive. I don't store on Picassa, because when I first started to blog, I had read somewhere that you are limited to allowed space. Being rather ignorant on a lot of this 'techo stuff', I'm trying to be careful and not trip myself up. I may try Firefox next to do a post. I think I've learned where the bookmarks or favorites are, so if I want to link, then hopefully I'll be able to do it without grinding my teeth or hollering for HELP! Hugs & have a great weekend, and thanks for the afternoon visit.


  1. Great tutorial, Mary!

    When I first started stamping I asked someone about this little tool and they said to NOT buy it, it wasn't worth it, etc....After about a month or two of trying to get things lined up, I bought one! I'd be completely LOST without mine now!!! I love everything about it!!

  2. I should get in the habit of using mine...It would be so useful for those times that you stamp and one corner does not transfer.

    Your explanation was very clear...thanks for sharing this with us!!!

  3. Hi Mary, a stamp positioner was one of my very first purchases - would be lost without it especially for solid rubber stamps! TFS this.

    Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Di xx

  4. As a lover of wooden stamps I find mine sooo useful! Nice to be reminded now and again!

  5. I have a tool like this Mary and don't think about using it. I really should get it out and start using it! I guess when I go to post tomorrow night I will use Google Chrome too if the blogger in IE isn't working right. is what it is. Hugs my friend!

  6. Hello Mary,

    Thank you for this great post and your lovely comment on my blog.
    Greetings from the Windy City~