Good evening & welcome. I hope that your first Saturday in 2013 has been a pleasant one. Mine has been quiet...I've been busy all day, but gosh, I'm not sure I can see that I've actually accomplished anything much. I have been down in my stamp area most of the afternoon. Had great intentions of getting some very needed cards finished. However, as you've heard me say, I have a real mess in that area. So I decided to get me busy and do some straightening up. Brought back some plastic storage boxes for papers, etc. as I got some gift cards for Christmas. There is an older JoAnn's near the DD, and a REALLY NICE JoAnn's about 45 minutes from where she lives. (but close to where she used to live, which is how I know about it!) One day when I was dreading the inevitable goodbye, which I do not handle well at all, DH was trying to distract me, so suggested we take a ride over to the REALLY NICE JoAnn's. I had already blown my gift card at the older one, but hey, I can always go to JoAnn's...especially since I don't have a nice one close to my area. Off we go, and while this store was pretty well picked over from the Christmas holiday, it still had some good sales. So I've been rummaging through bags, trying to store some of the stuff I brought home, & hopefully be able to find it again when I need it. Tonight after dinner, I'm going to get my label maker out, and do some labeling. Maybe that will help when I'm thinking in a week or two "What the heck did I do with that?"  Who knows, one of these days - I may even feel like I am neat enough to participate in WOYWW. That's one of my goals, along with having the area straightened up so I can create in an atmosphere of non-cluttered chaos.  Maybe tomorrow I can get a card posted. If not, I'll try to take some pictures of what I'm doing, and you can give me some suggestions about organization. So happy Saturday, and thanks for coming by to visit. Hugs & Blessings.


  1. Hello Mary, Happy New Year to you and a belated Happy Christmas too, looks like you had a nice time in Florida with your family. Cleaning up is something I find very therapeutic if I'm in the mood for it, I did my room over New Year and I've already messed it up! Definitely join in with WOYWW it's a lot of fun and I can tell you that messy is a lot more fun to peep at than really tidy, there's so much more to look at!! Hope you get back into the crafting groove soon.


  2. Glad y'all are back safe and sound - and know you must have had fun.
    Sounds like a good plan - organization, that is......I really need to try it too! You'll have to post pictures on your new goodies and then all your organization skills!


  3. Welcome home and have fun organizing your room. I spent about an hour today organizing my messy pinterest board...Apart from my shared boards (shared with my little sister) I think I have got everything else in order.
    I have been pinning your quotes as I am going back to posting a Wednesday's Words of Wisdom. I used to do that and then sort of let if fall by the wayside.

  4. Hi Mary, Brenda summed it up perfectly - tidying and sorting is really therapeutic and I bet most of us spend quite a fair percentage of time doing it. BUT, don't over tidy girl 'cos truly the messier a place is on WOYWW the more fascinating we all find it!!

    It's always sad saying goodbye to family after visits - the secret is to then start to plan the next visit :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. Oh my how sweet of your husband to offer to take you to Joanne's to take your mind off, I know what you mean about where did you put that weeks later, I too have done that on many occasions, even with labels I still have odd bits that seem to hide from me! Hope your reorganisation goes well.

  6. Wasn't that so nice of DH, bless him! Yes, don't worry about getting too tidy for WOYWW. I feel like odd man out most times because I'm one of those super freakish neatniks. Some commenters actually say you can only be truly creative if there is a mess and chaos, which stings us few neat crafters, but it is true that our tidy desks are terribly boring to others.