Hi once again. I meant to post this card earlier today, but DH suggested we take a drive up to one of my stamp stores (Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg, SC). Now I had plenty other things I had planned to do this afternoon (more work in my stamp area & a nice nap were high on my priority list). It was a beautifully sunny day, and I never turn down a chance to visit a stamp store. I need more stamps...more paper..Oh YES I DO! So we had a nice lunch, I picked up some more Memory Box dies, as the store had gotten in some new ones. Got an Inky Antics clear set for 60% off original price. Then came home, changed clothes, and off to the recliner I went. I did get the nice nap in, but alas, no work in the stamp mess This card was shown on my WOYWW share this morning, as it was on my desk last night. I think this one will be for an anniversary card, not sure just yet. The background was created from a pretty napkin I found once I heard about this technique (here's a link showing how and there's plenty of info on Youtube). This is an old technique, but it was new to me. I can't claim I've been 100% successful with it, but this particular one turned out ok. Then I had to decide how to use it.

Once I had the napkin on the cardstock, I trimmed to a size that I wanted, glued the piece down to my cardbase. Used an MS border punch for the white trim. Since the cardbase is white, I taped a dark reddish pink strip to the bottom of the card, which peeks through the lacy punch. (a snippet). Since I have been sorting through ribbons/laces recently, I remembered this pretty lace, and thought it would look nice atop the punched piece. Decided to use a Memory Box Pearl Lace die to trim the front edges (since there were several layers I needed something to cut well, and those hand punches just don't do that). I taped another snippet light green down on the inside that can be seen just under the diecut border. Added the green ribbon to hide the joins, and used Glossy Accents to stick a bow on. The sentiment will go inside once I decide what occasion the card will serve. Hope you like this one, and if the technique interests you, check out the Youtube link. There are quite a few videos on this technique, but this was one I found so that I could add the link. Hmm...actually the napkin part of this card is also a snippet as it has been floating around my scrap heap (uh...make that snippets folder) for some time while I decided how to use it! Let's check out those Playground girls and see if they are having a snow fight. I heard something about shoveling, so I think I'll just sneak in....Have a lovely evening, and thanks for checking in tonight. Hugs


  1. Hey Mary,

    Love this card, and I did take some time to watch the video...I'll be trying this one for sure. You did a lovely job with it. I'm with you on the trip to the craft store, but I must say I'm glad you got your nap in...that would've been a tough one to pass up ; )


  2. Hi Mary, love the card, and I too love the pretty napkins and it's fun to make the cards using the napkins. A few years ago I purchased many....did I say many, I should have said, many, many napkins and made several cards. They kind of remind me of the Anna Griffin cards with all the lovely flowers. If you ever need some napkins....give me a email. I'll send you some. Have a most crafty week.

  3. This is beautiful Mary. What an incredible technique. I have been doing this craft for many years, and I have never seen this done, so it was new to me too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a fun day...your husband called it good!
    Memory box dies...what fun!
    Love your card Mary. It is so pretty. I have not heard of that technique before but will check out the videos!

  5. Wow Mary! I knew about this but wasn't sure how it was done, I'd thought it would be the double sided A4 adhesive sheets.

    Beautiful card!! I have to say that I don't think our paper napkins in the UK are anything like as pretty as those in the USA or in Germany for example :( Ha! But I'll be doing some checking out anyhow :))

    Hugs, Di xx

  6. Hi Mary, I liked it when it was on WOYWW but it is even more beautiful close up, I love that napkin technique, have not done it for ages (covered a tissue box way back when) so you have inspired me to have another go - thank you!

  7. Beautiful card, off to watch the video now. Hugs, Amanda x

  8. Beautiful card Mary. Sounds like your man's a keeper . . . taking you to the stamp store etc!

    Sarn xxx

  9. Beautiful and stunning card Mary, thank you for the links.

  10. Well isn't this a beautiful and interesting card Mary! I love the punched edges, so beautiful but I love, love the idea of using a napkin! This is so new to me and I thank you for the link!! Now I must find some pretty napkins to try this technique!! lol Hugs!