Good evening, and I hope all my lovely followers (and anyone else reading this blog---LOL) had a great & restful weekend. I have been working/cleaning/rearranging -  in my stamp area & still haven't finished the card I'm working on. May have it ready to post later this evening....Working my tush off (ha, ha, ha) and you still can't see a difference in my room. (I can though!)

A friend just sent a link to a new cutter that is similar to the Genesis cutter I have mentioned that I love. It's MUCH less expensive than the Genesis, but for those who have expressed interest in the Genesis, you may want to check this link. And it's on sale for a week.*
Oh My Crafts

*I see the sale ends on Jan 21, but I just got the email with the link, so I'm doing my enabling bit for anyone who might be interested. :-) I decided to post this info, even though I'm behind with a card to share. If you miss the sale, OMC probably will have it again.

I've purchased items from Oh My Crafts before...I have to say...sometimes I've been happy with the service, sometimes I've had to send some scolding emails. There is a video you can view, and in the video, this cutter appears to do all that my Genesis does. It also operates off batteries - my cutter needs an electrical outlet - and it has a little drawer - my cutter does not. I don't think I'm going to be purchasing this tool, as I've been very happy with the one I have. The friend who sent me the link probably will, even though she has a small Genesis and a large one. She spends the winter in an RV in Florida, so she frequently has duplicate tools, so as to not have to transport a lot of stuff on her trip. She likes items she can store in the RV, not worry about having to pack, forget something, then doesn't have what she needs for a couple of months. Just thought I'd share this with you...maybe it will be of interest to someone. I did go view the video; it seems to be a pretty good quality product. If anybody takes advantage of the sale, I'd surely be interested in what you think of it! Hugs & have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping for a visit.


  1. Thanks for the link...this one is raved about on Two Peas as an alternative to the Genesis for those whose pockets don't stretch to the Genesis pricetag.

    I was thinking of it but received a Fiskars Procision cutter from my eldest daughter for Christmas. I have yet to use it but will try it for awhile...If I nix it then I am just going to save for the genesis...
    You worded it so well in your post about the Genesis...We depend on our cutters to produce our art...if we were quilters we most likely wouldn't manage with a Brother Basic machine!

    If I add up all that I have spent over the years on trimmers, I would be well sorted towards the Geneisis purchase.

  2. I watched the video too Mary, thought it looked like a pretty nice cutter. I'm sure the Genesis is probably better but this one look pretty comparable to the Genesis. I'd love to hear or read any reviews on this product as it is one I'd like to get one day! lol Thanks for your great enabling my friend! Hugs!