Good morning & we still have the dreary gray rain, the 3rd day in a row. Yes, I know some of my Brit followers have dealt with such, so I will try not to whine! (and we do need the rain. It's just I'm a Florida gal for over 42 years, and I am also a person who needs sunshine ..something to do with the light or other?) So today I'm going to buzz off to Julia's Stamping Ground WOYWW and see if I can share some messy pictures. My desk didn't change its appearance since last week, so I took photos of some other messy spots in the basement stamping area where I work. Here goes
Sorry if this is blurry....but you'll get the idea. #1 - This is my Cutting Area, with the Genesis Cutter I love. It's on an old sewing machine*, with a big wooden board over it to make the tabletop. Next to the Genesis is my Scor-buddy. It's handy to have it there so I can trim for a card, score it and boom, ready for the card front. As you can see, I have junk snippets piled up on the cutter, and when I need to use the cutter, I have move all the junk snippets! To the left is a floor Ott light which is a necessity because there is no natural lighting in my basement stamp area. Please don't notice the piles of junk supplies & storage on the floor. <g>

#2 is the medallion Dlite die (used for a previous card post) which should have had the wax paper that I didn't use!
#3 - My lovely genesis cutter...all cleaned off for the picture so you can see what it looks like. There is a light on the right side, which is great for seeing exactly where the cut is being made. There is also an alignment bar (not attached) which is wonderful if you are making multiple cuts of the same size ..
#4 -#5- The Genesis with the best glue I've used to date...and the way they should be stored(#6)..on the side. This is Alene's Easy Flow glue...I pour an smount from the large bottle into the smaller needle tip bottle. It comes out in a pin-point line, you don't need a lot to be effective, and if I remember to always lay the container on its side, I've never had it clog up.
#6 - My manual Big Shot where I do most of the diecutting. Don't like the manual nearly as well as the electric Big Shot Express. Have to get the replacement Vagabond out & find a place for it, begin to learn to use it better.
I have another picture of my 'coloring area' (ha ha ha) which is on the sofa in front of the tv with some good Ott lighting to supplement the room lighting. Decided this post had enough pictures so I'll share that another time. Hope you enjoyed seeing the messy area. One of these days it's really gonna get straightened up. Actually today, DH is putting together another floor lamp for me, one I snagged at AC Moore just before Christmas. It was priced at $199, on sale for 50% off. I had just received 7  ACM gift certificates for $10 each in the mail. I was able to convince the cashier to let me use them on the light..*And then we're going to try to get another card-type folding table from underneath the basement bed, move out the sewing machine that holds the cutting tools, replace it with the folding table. Then I will have the area underneath the table to store some plastic boxes. Will let you know how it goes. We're not sure til we physically try this arrangement, if it's gonna work!*  Now I'll have another post a bit later, which is part of a surprise going on over at the Playground, so catch you a bit later. As always, thanks for joining me here, and have a wonderful day. Hugs.
Edit: the tip on storing the Easy Flow glue AND putting what I'll use in the needle tip bottle, came from Linda Bradbury. She is non-local to my area, but teaches at Scrapbook Creations several times a year and highly recommended this product. Bought it on her recommendation...loved it ever since.


  1. Hi Mary, that was a great trip around your crafty space, it looks all very organised to me! That was certainly a bargain floor lamp too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #35

  2. Lots of fab pics of your workspace, and all those cool gadgets and supplies. I'm a big fan of my manual BigShot, I have to say... little bit of bicep exercise and a fraction of the cost of the electric ones!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  3. That looks like a busy desk to me and I am sure you will be full of inspirations. Thank you for sharing
    Ria #114

  4. OhhhhMary...I have always wanted to know what the genesis looked like. What holds the paper while you cut that the adjuster that you mentioned.
    Great idea to leave the score board out...I think i like that idea and will try leaving it out too.

    I actually love my big shot. I don't have strong wrists or joints but if I stand up I manage to use the machine no problem. I can use it sitting but it is a little harder. Somehow I always think it needs just a wee bit shorter table to use it more easily!

    I have never coloured watching latest thing is to bring my colouring to the crops. I only have to bring a file folder of images and my pens...Easy peasy for packing and carrying. Works really well for popping over to a girl friends for a couple of hours of crafting time as well.
    But i think the tV idea would be great for those evenings when DH wants me to watch TV with him and I don't really like the show! teehee

    Casn't wait for next week to see the rest of the "colouring area" of the tour!

  5. Well my friend, busy, is the word, I know mine is the mess here is bad start to tidy up and then get going on something else and away we go. xx

  6. That was a great stop on the tour, Mary! So fun to see your jun, er, stuff!! You actually gave me a great trip this time, too - #5. I store my bottle upside down (takes up less space) and I don't have any clogs either, BUT it never once occurred to me to transfer it to a smaller, needle-point container. It is duh-brilliant, smack my forehead. I usually lay out a small glob and then apply it with a toothpick. So lame compared to having a small-tip applicator to just apply it and be done. So thank you!!!! Darnell #64

  7. Great post and tips. I store most of my glue bottles after opening pointed down in an old spice rack holder that I have. There is a picture on my desk, Love the card you made Darnell! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. I always enjoy your dropping by my desk and leaving comments. Vickie #43

  8. Love all the pictures of your space. I adore that die. I may have to go find that somewhere.

    Sorry I am 2 days late getting to your blog. I have been battling a nasty flu bug.
    Lori #84

  9. Wow Mary, you have some awesome work spaces! I love the tips you gave about the glue, I have some quilling glue that has a needle tip to it and I never knew you should keep it turned on it's side! Do you keep a needle in the end of it??? If so doesn't your needle rust?? I am also loving your cutter! I will have to research that cutter and maybe put it on my wish list. I would love to have a great cutter to cut chipboard straight as well as my papers.

  10. Love the walk around your craft areas - looks like a great cutter never heard of them before, thanks for sharing - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk

  11. Enjoyed the tour of your craft area. I'm in the market for a good cutter. So you like the genesis? I liked my Big Shot Express, but it died so I bought the manual. I'm with you - I'm considering the Vagabond.
    April #141