Hi again. Thought I'd pop back to show you some of what I've been up to with the stamp area cleanup I've been trying to accomplish. Sorry this pic is a bit blurry, but hopefully you'll get the idea. This is an Art Bin storage case, that has several magnetic sheets stored inside. And of course you can buy extra sets! I've had my Spellbinders stored in cd/dvd cases for a while. I bought a product that is a magnet type of paper, has adhesive on the backside. I was cutting this to size of either cd or dvd case, then adhering the dies from each set into the case. Worked great until I got so many dies. Then it gets quite bulky to store. I had a Hobby Lobby decorator kind of suitcase that I filed the cases in, setting on the floor (clutter!). Used a label maker to put names on the case spines, and at first had the dies grouped in order by the S/B number system. Of course as I'd use the dies, be in a hurry to finish up, they got out of I spent a lot of time hunting. Needed a better way. Some buddies (ah, those lovely enablers!) had purchased these Art Bin cases & were liking them. Had some coupons, so I bought one with some extra magnet sheets. I decided I'd put the Label dies together, then perhaps the Shapes, etc. So the last few evenings, I'd work on the card I just posted earlier today, decide I'd better stop with that effort, go start finding all my label dies. Took them out of the cd/dvd cases, adhered them to the bin's magnetic sheet, used my label maker to put the info I thought needed to be with the die. Hopefully I can keep the dies in their number sequence, have the bin marked as Labels, and not spend so much time hunting for a die. I use the word "Hopefully" with great caution here! Here's what the interior sheets look like.
Have a great day, and thanks for checking back in for a 2nd visit! Hugs & Blessings.

Edit: To answer a question regarding the Art Bins: I got mine at A C Moore, but I've seen them in Hobby Lobby (and maybe Michael's, not sure on that store). I use coupons and in ACM, sometimes they are located in the art section rather than the scrapbook/paper section. The sheets are also not always right there with the storage if you're interested, check both store sections. What I did last night emptied a whole bunch of cd/dvd cases. Tonight I hope to work on this project again. Making the labels to put under the dies, takes more time than sticking them down. The magnet is pretty strong, and they are holding much better for me, than they did on the magnet sheet I had trimmed to size and stuck in the cd case. Sometimes a couple of dies would 'fall off' that... Hope this answers some of the questions. If not, ask again, & I'll try to clear up anything I forgot to say! I think with the coupons I had, each case was about $9. or so. And the filler sheets are less of course. These cases could stand in a bookcase or on a shelf.


  1. These little bins are pretty neat Mary! Where do you get them from??? They come with the magnet sheet in them?? Are you putting a lot of SB's in there or just a set or two? Questions, questions, questions! lol I have many. I hope this systems works for you my friend. It looks like it should work out pretty well! Hugs!

  2. Hi Mary, I have been eyeing these bins (on-line) for a while now because of questions I have about them. One major question I have is how many sets will 1 of them hold? I have more than 100 sets of S/B dies, so this is a real issue for me. Have you completely filled 1 case yet and if so, how many sets were you able to put in it? Right now I have all of my S/B dies in 2 photo boxes, with the exception of One Grand border die that will not fit. I would love to know about the capacity of these if you could send me an e-mail @ stamper572000 at yahoo dot com. Thanks sweetheart! Hugs your friend Lori