Birthday, Anniversary, Blog Candy

Hi there. I had mentioned winning some wonderful candy at Stamping with Loll (and maybe you saw me doing the Happy Dance!). Well, it arrived Friday, along with a wonderful card. Just had to share it here...and thanks so much to the lovely Loll. The candy is much more beautiful IRL than even in her good photography!

Aren't I the lucky commenter? You bet! Loved the card as well.

I also would like to share a few more cards I've received....
A birthday card to Moi, from my sweet niece, Julie. Sure wish she lived closer to me, as nobody else in my family is into cardmaking. But...alas...that is life. I enjoyed receiving a handmade card on our shared birthday.

Last but not least, a really cute anniversary card from our blog buddy, Miss Darnell.

We both just loved this little fish with the goofy expression (sort of like the one I frequently seem to wear! ). What a sweet surprise. I just hope that the people who receive my cards, are as thrilled as I was (and we were) to receive these lovely cards in the mail. A handmade card really makes ME feel special.

So thanks to all who sent me cards. You know I loved each one, and they will be treasured & saved. God Bless. As you read this, we're on the road to Bean Town. Hope I can do some blog surfing while I'm away, as I won't be taking any craft materials along....So I can pay some visits I HOPE!  Thanks for popping by today.


  1. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy blog surfing just for the fun of it!

    I am a naughty friend to have missed your special days...I have marked down your birthday into my calendar so I won't miss again!

  2. How exciting Mary! I think I might have seen you do that happy dance! lol I love the cards you received too, they are all so awesome!! And yes I love getting homemade cards, it touches me that someone would make me a card! So enjoy my friend, you so deserve them!! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday and congrats on winning the blog candy. Great cards that you received and one from the famously funny Darnell! Have a great week, Shirleyx

  4. Hi Mary, sorry I have been missing a while, not been well at all and sorry too that I missed your birthday. Belated greetings from me! Your cards are lovely, especially Darnell's - loved it from the start. Enjoy Bean Town. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Hello Mary! I think the cards you received are great! Beautiful cards. And congrats on your blog candy win!