Gracious, I'm really running off at the mouth this afternoon!

I've been mentioning tv installers in a couple of posts, so thought I'd explain what was going on at our house. In our basement, we have what started out as a tv room for DH. When we lived in Fla, he kept wanting to get a 60" tv. We were planning to relocate, so I convinced him to wait til we got settled here in SC. Once we got our house built, got moved in (which took a while), he & one of my brothers finished off our basement, and made him a nice tv room, and he got his tv along with a surround sound system. (which fortunately I didn't get wet with my recent washing machine escapade..cause some of the wiring & speakers are in the dropped ceiling).

Now the tv was wonderful, we enjoyed it a great deal, but in the last 6 months, we could tell it was on its final days. So we had been shopping & pricing new tvs. DH picked out what he wanted, but it was bigger than the old Sony. Additionally we had put bookcases on either side of the tv, and built a 'bridge' between the 2 bookcases to make it look like it was one piece, and giving me more shelves to put dust collectors. We didn't want to take this unit apart, so the fella who was to do our installation suggested we wall mount it, instead of using the stand the Sony sat on. This took a good bit of time to unhook all the sound equipment, cable box, dvd player, cd stuff, etc. Then hook everything back up, make sure it know the drill. Two guys worked on the project all day, except for going for a lunch break.

Now televisions today are SMART TV's. This means they can do a lot more than just be a television. F'r instance, we can now get Netflix with this tv. DH likes to go to the movies, but I have a hearing problem, so I don't enjoy going to the movies. I watch tv with a headset on, so the sound doesn't bother anyone else, but I can still hear it. We thought the Netflix would be something he'd enjoy, and there's a month free trial. If one has a SMART phone, one can do other things with this tv. (This One does not have a SMART phone, because this One has an old cell phone that she still doesn't know how to do all the stuff it will do! So this One figures that the folks at This House probably are not smart enough for a SMART phone. :-) ). Maybe one day.

Anyway, we enjoyed downloading some movies last evening, and when DH went to bed, I went back to watching old stuff that I had recorded on the DVR earlier. I love watching old movies from the 40's & 50's, old western tv shows - like Gunsmoke!- and surprisingly, I enjoy some cooking shows. Not that I cook much, mind you, but I do enjoy watching someone else go through the process...

DH's tv room has gradually been consumed with my stamp hobby...he has to move stuff  supplies off the sofas or chair in order to be able to sit down to enjoy his new television. Sigh.....Good thing for me I got a sweetheart guy - most of the time. On the other hand, he's sort of a 'remote challenged' guy, so he needs me to operate the equipment.

OK, promise...last post of the day. I'll shut up now!!! Hugs & have a great weekend.


  1. I think it's great that you can enjoy your hobbies together :) Cathy x

  2. Togetherness is what it's all about!!!
    I must ask you though - what kind of head phones do you use to watch TV with? Jim is so hard of hearing and he turns the TV up so loud I swear people can hear it 10 miles away! LOL! I'd love to get him some just don't know where to start looking!

  3. We almost bought a smart tv Mary, but I knew I wouldn't be able to operate the darn thing! lol But the surround sound system is smart. I've noticed everything is getting smart except me! lol Anyway we go through the surround sound with our Netflix and no I have no clue how to do it. I will watch Netflix on my Kindle Fire. Why can I do that and not the tv you ask, I haven't a clue! lol Enjoy the new tv my friend!! Oh and we watch a lot of Gunsmoke and Bonanza, love those shows!! Hugs!

  4. Hope all is going well with the TV installation...going to check back to see why they are installing a new one...I see it is not due to the flood...thank goodness...I think you mentioned previously it was due to upgrading...but will pop back and have a look anyways...
    It is almost midnite and our company goes to bed at 10 pm...Dh is snoring and I am blog hopping!!! teeehee

  5. LOL Mary you make me laugh! Love reading your posts! I'm glad you and hubby got a new tv and that you are enjoying it.


  6. When it comes to T.V's I do not have a clue. Remote controls can stay remote. The Doc has shown me several times how to switch it on and do the control but I just tune out and it goes in one ear outta the other. Smart phone if they were that smart they would know how to do the dishes!!!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.